People are baffled about winning potato wedges from Roll Up the Rim

The nation is split over the new prize in Tim Horton's Roll Up the Rim contest: the humble potato wedge.

The prize you didn’t even know you could win is causing disgust, delight

Canadians are feeling happy, sad, and everything in between over the new Roll Up the Rim prize. (@Reece_Williamss)

The appearance of potato wedges among this year's Roll Up the Rim prizes is creating a kerfuffle, with winners expressing a range of happiness, confusion and disgust.

The Tim Horton's contest kicked off at the beginning of February, with the coffee chain saying they'll give away 49 million coffee and food prizes by the time it wraps up in mid-March.

Of those prizes, 10 per cent – or nearly 5 million – will be potato wedges.

The baffled

The first step in wedge acceptance is knowing that they exist.

The haters

The lovers