Torontonians react to pot dispensaries moving into the Danforth

Federal law to legalize — and regulate — marijuana may be more than a year away, but dispensaries have been cropping up across Toronto. Those who live in the city had some mixed feelings about the new shops in their neighbourhoods.
Danforth resident Benita Black says she doesn't mind that pot's being sold in dispensaries along the Danforth, but she's not happy to see so many of the same stores in one place. (CBC)

Federal law to legalize — and regulate — marijuana may be more than a year away, but dispensaries have been cropping up across Toronto, trying to gain a foothold in the nascent marketplace.

But some neighbourhoods, such as Dundas Street West and the Danforth, are seeing several storefronts become home to cannabis dispensaries, which is a different flavour from their recent retail past.

CBC Toronto chatted with residents along the Danforth about the three dispensaries that have open up in what is still considered Greektown. 

Benita Black said she has no issue with the product. But three dispensaries in one stretch? She found that to be overkill.


5 years ago
Pot-streeter-1 2:06

As for Gus Christou, the longtime Danforth resident said he's all for it.


5 years ago
Pot-streeter-2 0:07

But with the dispensaries operating in a so-called grey market — as they're really only supposed to serve customers who use the pot as medicine — Keith Prestwitch said he wonders about the risk the business owners are taking. 

"Hopefully, in a year, we'll have an actual regulatory system for it," he said. "And I wouldn't be surprised if they were shut down, because it all goes down to the LCBO down the street."

Pot dispensaries popping up on the Danforth

CBC News: Toronto at 6:00

5 years ago
CBC News spoke to Danforth residents about whether there are too many dispensaries popping up in the neighbourhood. 0:27

Elaine Powell may never have lit up herself, but she's happy for people to have choice about where they want to buy from.

"They're going to be popping up everywhere, so no issue."

Dispensaries on the Danforth


5 years ago
CBC News spoke Danforth residents about whether there are too many marijuana dispensaries popping up in the neighbourhood. 0:25


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