Portion of Roxton Road house caves in

A home under renovation on Roxton Road near College Street partly collapses.

City ordered renovation work stopped on Wednesday, building deemed unstable

A wall partially collapsed at a home in Little Portugal that was being renovated. 1:56

A home under renovation on Roxton Road near College Street partly collapsed Wednesday night. 

Neighbours in the Little Portugal area reported hearing a bang as two storeys of 290 Roxton Rd. collapsed and fell into the ground floor.

Tim Gray said he was taking out his recycling on when he noticed something was wrong.

"I was down the alley between the houses and I noticed that I could hear some creaking and then I heard some bricks fall inside and then I heard some bricks fall outside. And I thought: 'This is a really bad sign,'" Gray told CBC News in an interview on Thursday.

Gray said he called 911 and attempted to wake the people living in the adjacent unit.

No one was hurt, but nearby homes were temporarily evacuated.

City officials say they visited the site Wednesday afternoon for an inspection, and issued a work-stop order because the home was too unstable. 

The house and the semi-detached unit next to it have since been fenced off and declared unsafe to enter by inspectors.