Police upload search for teens with YouTube video, artwork

Toronto police have posted a video on YouTube featuring a sculpture by a local artist of a girl who disappeared with two friends more than five months ago in a plea for them to return home.

Toronto police have turned to the internet in an attempt to get three teenagers missing for more than five months to return home, posting a videofeaturing a sculpture ofone ofthem.

A.D. Milne, a localartist from, based his sculpture of Eva Ho, 17, on a photo from police. Eva is also known as Eve.
Eva Ho, 17, was last seen in August 2006. Police have posted a YouTube video in hopes of finding Ho and her two friends. ((CBC))

Ho, her boyfriend Jackie Li,17,and his friend Kevin Lim, 18, were last seeninAugust.

They disappearedshortly after the skeletal remains of their friend Phillip Ho Sing Sit were foundlast Aug. 7 in a wooded area of King Township. He had been missing for nearly a year.

At a press conference Wednesday, police said they turned to YouTube because it is viewed around the world and the teens could be in Hong Kong or another country.

Milne, whoappears and speaksin the video,says he never met the girlbefore crafting the life-sized steel statue, which has been set up on the Canadian National Exhibitiongrounds.

"I don't know how accurate it is and I'm very curious to know how I did. I'm asking for you to come back to Toronto to the CNE and have a look at what I made.

"I'd like to know how close I was to getting you the way you are," he pleads.
Sculptor A.D. Milne stands beside a life-size sculpture made in Eva Ho's likeness, and in a video pleads for the girl to return home. ((CBC))

In the video, viewed byhundreds within a day ofits posting,Const. Scott Mills of Crime Stoppers also urges the teens to anonymously call 1-800-222-TIPS or e-mail them at the website

Another portion of the video featuresMilne speaking besidethe statue. Hesays he doubts the girl is in danger, and tells her to go to the closest police station and let them know she has been reported as a missing person.

Milne also says he would fly to wherever she is and bring her back home.

Last December, Hamilton police successfully used YouTube to helpsolve a fatal stabbing. The suspect turned himself in after the video was posted and receivednational media coverage.