Police release video of suspect in deadly weekend shooting in west end

Police released surveillance video Wednesday they believe can help them track down a suspect in the fatal shooting of Karim Hirani, 25, over the weekend.

Karim Hirani, 25, was shot and killed outside of a Driftwood Avenue apartment building

Police have released these images of the suspect in the murder of Karim Hirani, as well as the car he was driving. (Toronto Police)

Toronto police released surveillance video Wednesday they hope will help them track down the suspect in a fatal shooting in the city's west end last weekend.

Moments before before 25-year old Karim Hirani was shot and killed early Sunday morning, cameras captured a dark Nissan Maxima pulling into the parking lot of an apartment building at 415 Driftwood Avenue, near Jane Street and Steeles Avenue West.

A man wearing a light coloured hoodie and dark pants is seen getting out of the driver's seat and casually walking to a courtyard where Hirani is drinking with two other men.

According to police, the man pulls out a gun and fires one shot at Hirani. He then turns around, runs back to the car and speeds away. 

It happened just before 3:30 Sunday morning. Police were able to pull the video directly from the security cameras at 415 Driftwood, which is a Toronto Community Housing building.

While the images don't provide a clear picture of the shooter's face, they did capture the license plate of the car he was driving.  

Police say the the plate number is CCES 572, and the car is registered to a numbered company, known to police as a business that provides vehicles for people who want to maintain their anonymity.

"I'll call it a rental company, but it's not a traditional one where you would essentially leave your drivers licence and sign a contract," Homicide Detective Michael Carbone said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon at police headquarters.

"It's mostly a cash business," he said.

Karim Hirani, 25, of Toronto, was shot to death outside a North York apartment building early Sunday, police say. (Facebook)

So far police have not had any luck tracking down the owners of the company the car is registered to.

"We are following up with several individuals who we believe are associated to this company," Carbone said. "We hope to get some answers from them. They can certainly advance this investigation by providing us the names of the person they rented this vehicle to."

Carbone says detectives are still scanning through other surveillance video from the area hoping to track some of the suspect's movements before and after the shooting.

One of the men who was drinking with Hirani also fled the scene before police arrived. Carbone says detectives have since tracked him down and they are now talking to him, hoping he may be able to provide some new details.

Details about the victim are still very sparse. Police have confirmed he did not live in the building where the shooting happened, but they won't say why he was there.

On Wednesday, Detective Carbone did confirm Harani is a Toronto resident who worked in construction.