Police investigating death of 3-year-old who became ill after eating breakfast

Toronto police and the coroner's office say they are investigating the sudden death of a young girl on Sunday. The three-year-old's mother says her daughter became seriously ill and died after eating breakfast with a friend.

CFIA working with police to determine if a food product is implicated in this incident

Three-year-old Bernice's mother says her daughter became seriously ill and died after eating breakfast with a friend. (GoFundMe)

Toronto police and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are investigating after a three-year-old girl died suddenly after eating breakfast with a friend on Sunday. 

"She quickly grew weak, vomiting ... and by the time I rushed to get to her, she was barely breathing, and looking ashen," said Maurine Mirembe of her three-year-old daughter Bernice in a GoFundMe post. Mirembe is trying to raise money to have her daughter buried in Uganda. 

Mirembe said she called 911, but said no-one came to her aid. After waiting for nearly 30 minutes, she said she had her friend drive her and Bernice to the hospital. 

Mirembe said doctors ran numerous tests, but they couldn't figure what was causing her daughter's sickness. 

After multiple resuscitation attempts, Mirembe said, Bernice was taken off of life support and died on Sunday. 

"Without falling sick, warning or a sign, my baby died, just like that," Mirembe said.

Coroner investigating, CFIA analyzing food samples

Toronto police said they are helping the coroner's office investigate the girl's death.

The coroner's office said its investigation is ongoing and couldn't provide any more information. 

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) told CBC Toronto it has been collaborating with the Hospital for Sick Children and police to determine if a food product was to blame. 

The agency said it has collected samples of food products for analysis and will issue a warning if it finds that an implicated food product is currently available in Canada. 

"There are so many questions and so few answers," Mirembe said. 

"This may not fix what's forever broken inside of me, but it will be a start for me to get closure, until I can find out what happened to my baby."