Humanizing 'the person behind the uniform': Toronto cop making documentary on LGBTQ officers

A Toronto police officer talks about life as an LGBTQ person working in law enforcement. She is co-producing a documentary about LGBTQ police officers and says it's meant to "humanize the person behind the uniform."

Const. Patty Retsinas hopes the documentary will help cops struggling with their sexual orientation

Toronto police officer Const. Patty Retsinas is co-producing a documentary called Coming out Cops. (CBC)

A Toronto police officer who says she once struggled with coming out while working as a cop is now co-producing a documentary about LGBTQ officers.

It's called Coming Out Cops, and it's meant to "humanize the person behind the uniform," said Const. Patty Retsinas, a 28-year policing veteran.

"When I first came on as a police officer I was in the closet [and] it was not acceptable to be out as a gay officer back then ... I really went through some turmoil and some very difficult experiences because of my sexual orientation," she said.

The documentary will feature a collection of interviews with people who work in law enforcement and explore the lives of LGBTQ officers.

"I really want to give back to our members and those who are still having difficulties with their sexual orientation," said Retsinas, who is also the co-chair of the Toronto Police LGBTQ Internal Support Network.

Retsinas says she hopes the documentary will help officers who are part of the LGBTQ community feel more comfortable working in their field.