Photographer captures Toronto, one country at a time

Local photographer Colin Boyd Shafer wants to take a picture of Torontonians who come from all 190 countries around the world, and he almost has them all.

Shooting the world

8 years ago
Duration 1:55
Photographer Colin Boys Shafer wants to take pictures of Torontonians from the world's 190 different countries.

If you happen to be from Liechtenstein, the Solomon Islands or Tuvalu, Colin Boyd Shafer would like to meet you.

The local photographer wants to take a picture of Torontonians who come from the 190 countries around the world and posting them on, a project he says showcases the city's diversity.

He's almost photographed a person from every country in the world. 

The point of the Cosmopolis project, he says, is to challenge people’s assumptions. 

“[It] makes people think about the world, makes people think about their neighbours, makes people think about what is diversity,” Shafer said, noting that his subject from Jordan likes to dance the tango, and his subject from Syria is trying to become a priest. 

“Culture is fluid and Toronto allows people to experience different cultures and to make their own.’

Right now, the photos are displayed online and in a Queen Street West coffee shop RSquared Cafe — getting the word out that they're still looking for people from a few more countries.

Shafer says he still needs to find someone from Nauru too. 

From a report by Lorenda Reddekopp