Philip Lee-Shanok

Senior Reporter, CBC Toronto

From small town Ontario to Washington D.C., Philip has covered stories big and small. An award-winning reporter with two decades of experience in Ontario and Alberta, he's now a Senior Reporter for CBC Toronto on television, radio and online. He is also a National Reporter for The World This Weekend on Radio One. Follow him @CBCPLS.

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How hi-tech sensors on buildings, cars and in the sky could help keep Toronto's air clean

Academics and industry came together at the University of Toronto this week to talk about better ways to monitor air quality and odours.

10 years later Chapman's Ice Cream fire is a recipe for how to recover from a disaster

On Sept. 4, 2009, a welder's torch set off a fire that destroyed the factory that employed one out of every three residents of Markdale. Many worried the business would fold or move, but the Chapmans say giving up is not in their nature.

Why cyclists are turning to civil courts to get justice for road rage attacks

One cyclist who has video of what appears to be a deliberate attack by a driver is looking for $2 million in total compensation. Lawyers say civil suits may be a good alternative to criminal courts because there's a lower burden of proof.

Huge insurance premium hikes 'another nail in the coffin for us,' Toronto taxi drivers warn

Some taxi drivers say the latest hike in insurance makes it too expensive to operate a cab in Toronto and some are considering turning in their plates.

Food bank map helps politicians see hunger in their own backyard

Mapping food bank use by electoral ridings will help politicians and policy-makers see exactly where people who use such social supports live. In Toronto, food bank clients are highly concentrated in the inner suburbs and a pocket right in the heart of the city.

Mississauga hatching plan to stop fledgling startups from flying away

Canadian Urban Institute says Mississauga has infrastructure to incubate startup businesses, but when they are ready to "graduate" to the next level, they have nowhere to go.

Eventbrite to refund Roxodus tickets, will 'aggressively pursue' organizers

Earlier this week, organizers MF Live announced that the summer music festival slated to happen at the Edenvale Aerodrome near Barrie was cancelled. Now, Eventbrite will refund ticket holders, but vendors and local bands out of luck.

Summer traffic forecast: Situation on the DVP likely to get even worse

If you feel the DVP already stands for Don Valley Parking lot, then you may want to avoid the expressway altogether this summer. It's only going to get worse.

Some Toronto park lovers could be out of luck due to cold, rainy spring

The hot, sunny days of summer may have arrived in Toronto, but a cold, rainy spring has delayed some major construction projects in the some of the city's most popular parks, rendering some areas off limits.

Canada's tourism industry must break down silos to climb to new heights

Canada could rival countries like New Zealand as a destination for young adventurers and visitors looking for natural beauty, but some tour operators say inter-provincial barriers prevent that potential from being unlocked.

Yes, city council will debate a handgun ban. No, it doesn't have the authority to implement it

The city's executive committee wants council to debate a call for a city-wide handgun ban, although it is beyond Toronto's power to declare one. But advocates say it could show Ottawa that the city is united in supporting federal attempts at gun control.

Privacy advocates sound warning on Toronto police use of facial recognition technology

Toronto Police say a pilot project using facial recognition technology has been effective in helping investigators solve crimes, but privacy and civil rights advocates are concerned by a lack of clear guidelines for its use.

Cell service is expanding on the TTC. Here's why you may not be able to use it

A system to provide uninterrupted cellular and Wi-Fi service for those riding on TTC trains is coming, but major cellphone companies don't want to sign on.

Rare exception to parking permit ban coming to Scarborough

A small group of residents on a Scarborough street are about to have an opportunity to purchase one of 12 overnight parking permits, despite the practice being banned elsewhere in the inner suburb.

Ontario's cannabis plan needs a rethink to curb black market, Chamber of Commerce says

Ontario Chamber of Commerce gives its assessment of state of the province's cannabis business plan in time for first 4/20 since legalization six month ago.