Peel teachers strike means student athletes may not compete

Students in Peel are worried they may not be able to compete this week for crucial regional championships because of the ongoing teachers strike.

Students need someone from school supervising them to compete, but there is nobody to do that

The teacher's strike in Peel Region could bring a regional track meet to a halt for students 1:45

Simon Quann is worried his track season is about to come to a screeching halt this week – despite the fact he is considered one of the favorites in the 400 and 800 meter races at the Peel Regional Championships.

"I've been working the last 3 1/2 years to get to this point," said the Grade 12 student at Humberview Secondary School in Bolton, Ont.

Students at Humberview Secondary in Bolton are worried they may not be able to compete this week for crucial regional championships because of the ongoing teachers' strike. (CBC)

"In Grade 11, I was third at the regional championships," he said, explaining that he wanted to "improve on that" this time around.

At this point it doesn't look like he'll get that chance.

In order to compete, students must have someone from the school supervising them. Because of the ongoing teachers strike in Peel, there is nobody to do that. 

Teachers in Peel walked off the job on May 4 after negotiations with their school board fell apart.

"We're kind of in the dark about what's going on, so it just kind of sucks," Quann said.

The Peel Regionals are a qualifier for the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations competition. If students don't compete this week, they'll have no other chance to qualify.

"There's nothing you can do but just sit and hope for the best," said student Liam Jordan.

Some are asking about alternate options for Quann and the other Humberview track athletes.

"All you need is a supervisor in the bus," said Scott Skimmer, who is appealing to school officials to find a way for his athletes to compete in the regionals.

As long as someone from the school supervises, the students will be eligible, Skimmer said.

"I'm hoping either an administrator at the school or an administrator at the peel school board is willing to step up," he said.

The students say they are ready to go if they get the call.

"I've just got to be prepared for anything," said James Cromack

​"We just need that opportunity to be able to compete and I hope that one of the administrators from our school comes through," said student Abbie Walker.