Police investigating after pedestrian killed, 3-car crash in Scarborough

Emergency crews responded to two collisions on Scarborough roadways Tuesday evening.

Man was pronounced dead in hospital, police say

Police say they are investigating a pedestrian struck in Scarborough Tuesday evening. (Michael Rich/CBC)

Emergency crews responded to two collisions on Scarborough roadways Tuesday evening that left one man dead and put two others in hospital. 

The first came when police and paramedics were called to the scene of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle in the area of Danforth Avenue and Pharmacy Avenue at 8:46 p.m.

According to police, a 2012 Mercedes — driven by a 41-year-old man — heading eastbound on the Danforth struck a male pedestrian.

First responders rushed the man, aged 65, to hospital in life-threatening condition, paramedics said.

He was pronounced dead in hospital. 

Police are asking drivers, as well as local residents and business-owners, for any footage of the incident they might have captured.

Several injured in seperate head-on collision

The second collision came roughly a half-hour later, when police were called about a three-car crash in the area of Lawrence Avenue and Scarborough Golf Club Road.

There was a head-on collision where a car ended up crashing into a pole, police said.

Two drivers were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, officers say. 

The crash happened near the area where a 17-year-old boy was struck by a car on Monday evening.

He later died in hospital.