'Shame!': Parkdale tenants protest rent increases by MetCap Living Management

A downtown protest by about 50 tenants of MetCap Living Management has drawn the attention of Toronto police.

Tenants say rent increases are driving lower income people out of Parkdale

About 50 tenants of MetCap Living Management buildings in Parkdale are protesting recent rent increases by the landlord. (Martin Trainor)

More than 50 tenants who rent from MetCap Living Management are staging a noisy protest at the company's head office in downtown Toronto against recent rent increases.

The tenants say the rent hikes are driving lower income people out of Parkdale. 

MetCap Living Management, which owns 19 buildings in Parkdale, has been accused of making quick renovations and hiking rent after tenants move out.

Advocates say the rent increases are "eviction by another name" and are part of the gentrification sweeping the neighbourhood.

"Shame!" the protesters yelled. "Show us your face!"
A tenant holds up a sign, 'Tenants Deserve Respect,' at a protest in downtown Toronto against rent increases by MetCap Living Management, which owns 19 buildings in Parkdale. (Martin Trainor/CBC)

MetCap Living CEO Brent Merrill, contacted on Wednesday by CBC Toronto, was not available for comment on Thursday.

Protesters marched along the street, then moved to the office lobby. From there, they began to bang on the door. They talked to delivery people going into the building.

Nobody from MetCap Living Management addressed the protesters.

Toronto police ordered the protesters to stay in the head office's lobby.