Parents of baby found in Niagara Falls, Ont., hotel safe contact police

The New York parents of the baby girl found locked inside a Niagara Falls, Ont., hotel safe and freed by a maintenance worker earlier this week have contacted police, who say they have no concerns about the child's safety.

Police say baby in New York family was locked in accidentally by sibling during game of hide and seek

Baby locked in safe was part of a game

8 years ago
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Police say baby was locked in accidentally by sibling during game of hide and seek

The New York parents of the baby girl found locked inside a Niagara Falls, Ont., hotel room on Tuesday have contacted police, who say the incident happened during an innocent game of hide and seek between siblings.

Police confirmed to CBC News that the parents went to police in Markham on Wednesday evening after learning that police wanted to speak to them about the incident. 

After an interview with the parents, police say the child is safe and there will be no charges. 

"We can say now that there was no criminality involved in this," Det.-Const. Amanda Sanders of Niagara Regional Police Service said. "We had a positive outcome here. The child is safe and happy. We have no concerns with the safety of a child."

Police said the children were playing hide and seek in the Howard Johnson hotel room when they decided the safe was a good spot to use during the game, but an older sibling didn't know how to open it after the baby went inside. 

Police say the child is less than a year old and small enough to fit in the safe, which is about 50 centimetres wide, 35 centimetres tall and 43 centimetres deep.

Worker freed child

The Brooklyn parents, who were vacationing in Niagara Falls, immediately got help from hotel staff members. A maintenance worker freed the child. Police say the child never lost consciousness in the safe and was constantly calling for her parents.

The parents and kids left Niagara Falls before police could speak to them about the incident. They were staying with friends in Markham, north of Toronto, when the parents learned that police were looking for them.

The parents contacted police, and were interviewed Wednesday night with the help of an interpreter as their first language is not English, police said.

"They've been co-operative ever since we've gotten a hold of them," said Sanders. "We were concerned of the welfare of the baby. There's no criminality involved as it was an accident."

Sanders said the family is now "asking for privacy."