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Tess Richey's family sues killer, police over mental distress caused by her death

Months after a Toronto man was convicted of sexually assaulting and killing Tess Richey, the young woman's family is suing him, police and others over the psychological devastation they suffered as a result of her death.

Lawsuits over COVID-19 handling in nursing homes raise questions about standard of care

As the deadly toll of COVID-19 on Canada's nursing homes gives rise to a growing number of proposed class-action lawsuits, some legal experts say the cases will turn on what's considered reasonable care during a pandemic.

College of Physicians and Surgeons revokes licence of Toronto neurosurgeon who murdered wife

A Toronto neurosurgeon who killed his wife two days after she filed for divorce lost his medical licence Friday, nearly a year after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in her death.

Toronto landlord still issuing eviction notices, tenants say

Tenants in a west-end Toronto apartment building said Thursday their landlord has continued to issue eviction notices amid the COVID-19 pandemic, despite government measures meant to help people stay in their homes.

Former cellmate says Schlatter confessed to strangling Tess Richey with scarf

A jailhouse informant is testifying that Kalen Schlatter confessed to strangling a young woman with a scarf after she refused to have sex in an alley.

Defence draws attention to other man at Kalen Schlatter murder trial

Lawyers for a Toronto man accused of strangling a young woman more than two years ago are drawing attention to another man seen in the area that night.

Pathologist testifies that Tess Richey was strangled

A forensic pathologist who examined Tess Richey's body says she quickly saw signs that suggested the young woman had been strangled.

Edmonton man convicted of killing pregnant wife allowed to leave prison unsupervised

White was convicted in 2006 of second-degree murder and offering an indignity to a dead body in the killing of his wife, Liana White.

Woman convicted of killing stepson allowed to leave prison unsupervised

A Toronto woman convicted of killing her seven-year-old stepson will be allowed to leave prison unsupervised to prepare for life in a halfway house.

Man convicted in College Street Bar gang rape seeks appeal after court ruling on jury selection

Some of the people found guilty by juries in Ontario in recent months are quickly taking steps to challenge their convictions in light of a new ruling on jury selection by the province's top court.

Hedley's Jacob Hoggard poised for new hearing ahead of 2021 trial

The sex-assault case of Jacob Hoggard, frontman for the Canadian rock band Hedley, is heading back to court this month ahead of a trial set for 2021.

Court challenge to federal ban on needles for drug-using prisoners postponed

The hearing was pushed back to Dec. 17 due to a medical emergency in the applicants' legal team.

Judge rules former pastor who killed pregnant wife sedated her to resume affair

An Ontario court has ruled that a former pastor convicted in the death of his pregnant wife deliberately and secretly sedated her so she wouldn't stand in the way of his extramarital affair and love of pornography.

Federal court hears case on whether asylum agreement with U.S. violates charter

Dozens of protesters gathered outside a federal court on Monday called for Canada's asylum agreement with the United States to be suspended, arguing the U.S. is not a safe country for refugees.

Witness testifies he saw 2 men punching someone 'very hard' in Dafonte Miller beating trial

A man testifying in the trial of two brothers, one of them a Toronto police officer, accused of brutally beating a black teen nearly three years ago, described peering through his window that night and seeing two people repeatedly punching someone against a wall.