Roly poly pandas hit 7 months, stealing hearts at Toronto Zoo

They could teach a lesson in cuteness. The Toronto Zoo's panda cubs Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue hit their seven-month birthdays Friday — and celebrated with a playdate outside.

Jia Panpan, Jia Yueyue developing new climbing, wrestling skills

Jia Panpan, shown here, has begun exploring new parts of his habitat. He and his sister just turned seven months old. (Toronto Zoo)

They could teach a lesson in cuteness.

The Toronto Zoo's panda cubs Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue hit their seven-month birthdays Friday — and celebrated with a playdate outside. 

For those in a library or other hushed office, you might want to avoid scrolling any further; there's some serious potential for squealing.

Jia Panpan has about seven pounds on his twin sister, but the zoo says that doesn't keep the pair from wrestling.

The pandas got their names in March: Jia Panpan, above, means Canadian Hope...

... While Jia Yueyue means Canadian Joy.

And it looks like she's grown into her name, clowning around and playing peekaboo through the bamboo trees. Zoo staff say that she's the more inquisitive of the pair and usually figures things out first. 

Her brother follows her lead, they say. But he's still a curious little fellow and, as his climbing skills develop, he has begun exploring more of his habitat, according to his keepers.


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