'Other' Rob Ford endures Twitter outrage

A politics lecturer in Manchester, England, tells CBC News he often gets confused with Toronto's embattled mayor on Twitter.

Manchester, England, man has same name as Toronto's mayor

Rob Ford, a politics lecturer in Manchester, U.K., is getting a little tired of hearing on Twitter about Toronto's mayor 4:20

Rob Ford has finally spoken to CBC News about the now-infamous crack video scandal, but not it's not that Rob Ford.

A politics lecturer in Manchester, England, who has the same name as Toronto's embattled mayor was interviewed on CBC News Network Monday morning and said he often gets Twitter messages from confused Canadians.

"I hear a lot about the other Rob Ford," he told host Heather Hiscox. "It seems Toronto politics are quite interesting at the moment. Every so often I get a stream of outrage from Canadians on my Twitter feed."

The Manchester Rob Ford became aware of the Toronto Rob Ford shortly after Ford came to office in October 2010.

Since then the mayor's penchant for making headlines has meant the Manchester Ford has had to take some ribbing from colleagues in his office and anger from followers of his Twitter feed.

Having "Mancs" at the end of his Twitter handle @robfordmancs has not been enough to avoid the confusion. The mayor's twitter handle is @TOMayorFord.

Still, the Manchester Rob Ford has no plans to change his handle and finds misdirected Twitter attention "kind of entertaining."

Click on the video image above to watch the interview with the Manchester Rob Ford.


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