Ontario sex ed: Protesters disrupt school meeting

Protesters turned out in force at a Scarborough school Thursday night, disrupting efforts by two local MPPs to discuss Ontario's new sex ed curriculum.

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7 years ago
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Protesters disrupt an information session on Ontario's new sex ed curriculum.

Protesters turned out in force at a Scarborough school Thursday night, disrupting efforts by two local MPPs to discuss Ontario's new sex ed curriculum. 

The information session at Agincourt Collegiate Institute was cut short when demonstrators moved inside — chanting "We say no" at MPPs Soo Wong and Bas Balkissoon

The new curriculum has drawn criticism from some parents and religious groups who say it is too explicit for young children. 

It marks the first time sex-education courses in Ontario have been updated since 1998, and touches on subjects including consent and the role of technology in sexuality. 

But when Wong and Balkissoon realized their message wasn't being heard, they ended the meeting. 

This didn't sit well with angry parents, who crowded in, insisting they listen. 

Protesters gather outside Agincourt Collegiate Institute, where an information session about Ontario's new sex ed curriculum was cut short on Thursday night. (Greg Ross/CBC)
"Can you justify to me why a Grade Six needs to know about masturbation," said one angry mother. "Can you answer that?"

Police were on hand and managed to separate the two sides. 

Protesters left frustrated, feeling like the Liberal government is not listening to them. 

"We want our premier to hear our voice to hear our concerns," said protest organizer Kevin Xu.

Balkissoon said the protesters were not from the area. 

"The public protest is an organization that is not residents in our riding," said. "They decided they are going to disrupt any meeting that deals with this issue."

    From a report by Greg Ross


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