Ontario's new plan for nuclear emergencies 'inadequate': environmental groups

Environmental groups say Ontario's proposed plan to handle nuclear emergencies is inadequate

Greenpeace among those claiming proposed plan isn't based on a big enough incident

Environmental groups say Ontario's proposed new plan for dealing with nuclear emergencies is inadequate.

The province recently released an update to its emergency planning for potential large-scale accidents at the Pickering, Darlington, Bruce Power, Chalk River and FERMI 2 nuclear sites.

The plan deals with co-ordinating responses and public communication, zones and evacuation procedures, preventing food and water contamination, and limiting exposure to radiation.

The groups, including Greenpeace and the Canadian Environmental Law Association, say the proposal isn't based on a large enough incident, and needs to plan for an accident on the scale of the 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

They also say the government has no comprehensive plan to address potential contamination of the Great Lakes, which are a source of drinking water for millions.

A spokesman for the community safety minister says their plan takes into account lessons learned from Fukushima as well as international standards, and the government invites public comment on the plan.