Who are Ontario's major party leaders?

Wondering who the leaders of Ontario’s major political parties are and why they think they’d be a good premier for the province? Find one-on-one interviews with CBC News here.

Doug Ford, Andrea Horwath, Steven Del Duca and Mike Schreiner debate Monday ahead of Ontario’s June 2 election

This composite image features the four major party leaders, from left: Doug Ford, Andrea Horwath, Steven Del Duca and Mike Schreiner. (Rebecca Cook/Reuters, Alex Lupul/CBC)

Wondering who the leaders of Ontario's major political parties are and why they think they'd be a good premier for the province?

CBC News spoke with three of the four leaders in recent weeks (an interview invitation to PC Leader Doug Ford is still standing) to get a snapshot of who they are.

Here's where you can find those in-depth interviews and a bit more about Ford's media strategy.

All four leaders are on the campaign trail with big hopes, but also some political baggage to match. 

Andrea Horwath

Andrea Horwath: 'Your best shot of getting rid of Doug Ford… is a vote for the NDP'

2 months ago
Duration 1:54
The Ontario NDP leader said there’s a lot at stake in this election, and that the NDP being the Doug Ford government’s official opposition puts them in a better position than the Liberal Party to beat the Progressive Conservatives.

This is the Ontario NDP leader's fourth election and she's still hoping this one will be a breakthrough.

"I've been fighting for families and people all my life. Being the premier would give me a chance to actually win some of those battles for them," Horwath told the CBC's Mike Crawley.

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Steven Del Duca

Steven Del Duca on affordability: ‘Our plan… will give people real relief’

2 months ago
Duration 1:36
With “more to come” on a specific plan to tackle affordability issues, the Liberal leader said his party will focus on areas like childcare, housing, transit and grocery costs.

The Liberal leader is new in the job compared to his rivals and doesn't currently have a seat at Queen's Park.

However, Steven Del Duca has been a cabinet minister in previous Liberal governments and said that experience gives him an advantage.

"I think it's a combination of the experience and the energy that I have alongside a new Ontario Liberal team, to make sure that my daughters grow up in a province that gives them as much, if not more opportunity than I had growing up here," he said.

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Mike Schreiner

Mike Schreiner: ‘If you work hard… you can have influence’

2 months ago
Duration 1:25
Schreiner said his goal in this election is to have a Green caucus which can put forward vision and policy plans for the province.

The Green Party leader isn't likely to become the next premier, but he's running an ambitious campaign with the hopes of adding at least one more MPP at Queen's Park.

"So the Ontario Greens, what we're trying to do is maximize our influence in the legislature," Schreiner said. "Most people feel that we've punched well above our weight in terms of the influence we've had at Queen's Park."

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Doug Ford

Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader Doug Ford speaks at a rally to mark the start of the provincial election campaign, in Toronto, on May 4, 2022. (Alex Lupul/CBC)

Doug Ford has so far declined a one-on-one interview with CBC News and hasn't done a sit down interview with any other major media outlets yet, either.

On the campaign trail he's also taken fewer media questions than his rivals, something that may be a part of the PC party's strategy.

An interview request remains open.