Ontario NDP seek double salary ban for university brass

In response to outrage about news the president of Western University was paid double his normal salary last year, the Ontario NDP is introducing a private member's bill today that would prohibit the kind of clauses in college and university.

In response to outrage about news the president of Western University was paid $924,000 last year, the Ontario NDP is introducing a private member's bill today that would prohibit university brass from collecting two salaries in a year. 

As reported Friday when the sunshine list was released, Amit Chakma was paid nearly $1 million last year — double his normal salary — because he worked through a scheduled one-year sabbatical.

The double pay has received considerable criticism at the university and beyond after Chakma was revealed as one of the province's top public-sector earners in the annual sunshine list of public salaries over $100,000.

Chakma announced Wednesday that he would refund the payment he received in lieu of taking a sabbatical, amounting to nearly half a million dollars.

The same clause allowing for a double payout if he forgoes a sabbatical is also in Chakma's new contract, but he says he will also give up that payment in 2019.   

Peggy Sattler, the NDP MPP for London-West, says her private member's bill would amend the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act to ban such contract clauses.