Ontario man wants to bounce into record book

An Ontario man started his quest to bounce and hop his way to set another world record on Saturday.

An Ontario man started his quest to bounce and hop his way to set another world record on Saturday.

Suresh Joachim, 41, was trying to set the first world record for most distance covered in 24 hours on a space hopper ball.

A space hopper is a rubber ball with a handle that the user holds onto while sitting on the ball and hopping around.

Joachim, originally from Sri Lanka, has already broken more than 60 world records, 17 of which still stand.

The Mississauga man started Saturday morning in Mississauga and was to continue hopping into Sunday morning.

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and several Mississauga Sports Hall of Famers were on hand to cheer him on.

By Saturday afternoon, Joachim had covered five kilometres.

Catherine Holland, a spokesperson for the Mississauga Sports Council, says Joachim has only eaten fruit so far because the bouncing may upset his stomach.

"It's a workout, this space ball," said Holland. "It's being a little taxing on his muscles because of the motion."

But Joachim is going strong at a steady pace, said Holland.

"It's not fast, it's kind of like watching the tortoise and the hare. But he's going for the end zone, he doesn't want to run out part way."

Joachim's wife, Christa, says he is aiming to break 500 records and become the number one record holder in the world.

Currently he is second to New Yorker Ashrita Furman, who has set more than 300 records.

Joachim started breaking world records in 1996 because he saw it as the easiest way to become famous.

He hopes to use his fame to raise awareness and money for children living in poverty, his wife said.

"That's what attracted me to him," said Christa Joachim.

"He has a goal in his life, not just to make money for himself. He cares about other people."

Joachim's youngest son wants to follow in his father's footsteps and break world records when he's older, Christa Joachim said.

She plans to be at her husband's side until he finishes bouncing.

Joachim is planning to run around the world in 2014 and hopes the marathon will help him raise $1 billion for children's charities.

His previous records include a 125-hour dance marathon, drumming non-stop for 84 hours, running consecutively for 1,000 hours and crawling for 56.62 kilometres without stopping.

He also broke the world record for ironing for more than 55 hours, and his 2003 wedding featured a record-breaking 79 bridesmaids, 47 groomsmen and a 60.09 metre long wedding bouquet.