Anti-carbon tax gas pump decals will stay up, Ontario energy minister says

The province's energy minister says the anti-carbon tax gas pump stickers will stay after opposition politicians and groups called for the program to be stopped.

No gas station owner has been fined for not putting up the stickers

Ontario anti-carbon tax stickers will remain at gas pumps in Ontario because people need the information, Energy Minister Greg Rickford says. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

Ontario's energy minister says the government's anti-carbon tax stickers will stay up on gas pumps across the
province because people need the information the decals provide.

Greg Rickford says no gas station owners have been fined for failing to display the stickers, and inspectors are currently only issuing warnings.

The stickers have been criticized as forced speech by opposition politicians and Ontario's Chamber of Commerce who have called on the government to stop the program.

Premier Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative government has been waging a legal and public relations battle against Ottawa's carbon pricing since taking power last summer. Ford said in August that voters would determine the fate of the
legal challenge on the Oct. 21 federal election.

But last week, following the federal Liberals' re-election, the Tories said they would proceed with the court challenge of the tax.