Occupy protesters quit Queen's Park site

Occupy Toronto protesters who set up camp at Queen's Park on the weekend have removed their tents, reportedly after being told they were breaking the law.
CBC's Kim Brunhuber reports on the mood and motivation of the Occupy Toronto protesters, one month after they set up camp at St. James Park 2:42

Mayor Rob Ford has renewed his call for an end to the Occupy Toronto's downtown encampment in St. James Park.

"The mayor and city manager have been very clear over the past week," the mayor's office said in a statement on the weekend. "It's time this came to a peaceful conclusion. They do not have a permit and we are asking them to leave."

Protesters brushed off the comments and said they'd find a new location if evicted from the park, where they set up camp about a month ago.

A few Occupy Toronto protesters who moved to Queen's Park on Saturday later returned to St. James Park after being told they were breaking the law.

The protesters had moved to the park outside the Ontario legislature to bring their cause closer to provincial politicians. Protester John Erg said Occupy Toronto had become so popular, it had outgrown its space at St. James Park downtown.

But the new campsite was short-lived after protesters were told the land was provincial property and they couldn't camp on it, police said. The majority of protesters had stayed at James Park but said they planned to discuss whether they should relocate. 

Businesses in the area have complained about the makeshift village.