Nuit Blanche art festival takes over Toronto

Nuit Blanche is back for its 10th year in Toronto and there will be plenty to see once the sun goes down.

More than 110 projects on display across the city

Street artist JR provided a sneak peak of this year's Nuit Blanche in Toronto. (JR/Instagram)

Nuit Blanche is back for its 10th year in Toronto and there will be plenty to see once the sun goes down. 

That's when more than 110 projects across the city will be on display, beginning just before 7 p.m. 

"It's a really cool experience," Kyler Marklinger of the annual event. "I can tell my kids about this."

One of the festival's exhibit has been created by street artist JR. The 32-year-old from Paris is internationally acclaimed for his art and his work has been featured all over the world. 
Les Boquets in Toronto is on display for Nuit Blanche at the Design Exchange. (Les Boquets in Toronto)
"This project is like a mirror to society," he said of his countless black and white portraits of Torontonians hung up across the downtown core, including at city hall. 

"It's amazing," he said of the city's excitement for the event.

"I was talking outside to my friends to look at people here just having a good time pasting their photos and grabbing moments and sharing it on social media," he added.

Exposing our trash problem

Organizers say the event is a whirlwind for participants and you never really know what to expect. 

"It can invite you to laugh, it can invite you to be provoked, it can invite you to participate in a social and political dialogue," said Kristine Germann, programming manager for Toronto's cultural events. 

There's plenty to see at various sites in the downtown core. 

At Queens Quay and Lower Jarvis Street, there's a great deal of lumber for an exhibit that peers into what happens after a disaster.

Are you more interested in what can be created with Lego? Check out the thousands used to build a barn owl at the Gardiner Museum. 

And what better reflects society than an exhibit aimed at shedding light on our wasteful ways. Look no further than the garbage project at city hall. 

And remember, if you're travelling to and from the city, plan ahead to avoid getting stuck in traffic caused by various road closures for the event. The TTC and GO Transit have added trips to help with your commute. 


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