Now Magazine will no longer run sex ads in the back of the paper

Toronto's Now Magazine has announced a decision to remove ads for sexual services in its print edition. The publication says paper ads are no longer needed since sex workers have access to a "robust" online marketplace.

The publication still lists sex ads in its online classifieds section

Now Magazine announced the change in its Sep. 6 print edition. (Nick Boisvert/CBC)

Toronto's Now Magazine has announced it will no longer carry sex ads in the back of its paper. 

Longtime editor and publisher Alice Klein revealed the change in a letter to readers published in the newspaper's Sep. 6 edition.

"Now will always be sex positive and shameless in our support for sexual choice and the rights of sex workers," Klein wrote. "But this week marks a change for how we do that in our print publication."

The alternative tabloid has long published ads promoting sexual services in its back pages. The publication's stance was that denying advertising space to sexual workers was discriminatory.

"Denying sex workers their right to advertise when few publications would allow it was not an option for us," Klein continued.

However, Klein says the digital world now offers a "robust marketplace" for sex workers.

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That includes Now Magazine's website, which still includes ads for sexual services in its online classified section.