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Nicole Brockbank is a reporter for CBC Toronto's Enterprise Unit. Fuelled by coffee, she digs up, researches and writes original investigative and feature stories.

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Finding a patch of green: COVID-19 highlights inequities in Toronto park space, experts say

Experts told CBC News the pandemic is exacerbating existing inequities in access to park space across Toronto, which can affect the mental and physical health of residents.

Virtual school is almost out for summer. So how well did distance learning work in the GTA?

CBC News checked in with parents, school boards and experts in the GTA about how online learning worked during the first few months of the pandemic and what steps should be taken to improve it, if it’s extended into September.

Toronto didn't issue any fines, despite nearly 180 short-term rental complaints during provincial ban

The City of Toronto didn't issue any fines against short-term rental operators for violating Ontario's Emergency Order during the province's two-month ban on most bookings, despite receiving nearly 180 complaints.

Ford government's fight to keep its mandate letters secret heard at Ontario Divisional Court

The Ontario government took its nearly two-year fight to keep Premier Doug Ford’s mandate letters secret to Divisional Court Thursday after it was ordered to disclose the records by the province’s Information and Privacy Commissioner last summer.

Grassroots group fills gap left by closed food bank in Scarborough, but lacks funding

Scarborough Food Security Initiative is delivering food to a thousand families in Scarborough southwest each week, to help fill the gap left by the the neighbourhood's only food bank, which is closed during the pandemic.

Toronto landlord forced to refinance condo as COVID-19 stalls eviction of lawyer owing $16K in rent

Danish Chagani was excited when the lawyer who lived down the hall from his Toronto condo wanted to rent his unit after he bought a house for his young family. But the first-time landlord says the feeling was short-lived.
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6 Ontario long-term care homes failed to follow COVID-19 public health advice, lawsuit alleges

Long-term care residents with COVID-19 kept in the same spaces as healthy residents. A refusal to accept the province's offer of a "SWAT team" to help manage an outbreak. Staff told not to wear surgical masks because it would "scare" residents. Those are just some of the allegations against six Ontario long-term care homes in a newly-proposed class-action lawsuit.

'We fear for our safety': Resident says short-term rentals operating in Toronto condo during COVID-19

A Toronto condo resident says despite a ban on short-term rental units issued by his condo board two weeks ago, followed by emergency regulations from the Ontario government last week, owners are still renting out their units.

Virtual lessons 'lifesaver' for Toronto musicians, give normalcy to their students during COVID-19

For Kailey Richards, and her fellow musician housemates, the ability to continue teaching their respective instruments through video conferencing has proven a lifesaver for their livelihoods — and normalcy for their students — during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Toys 'not comparable to food': Mattel employee criticizes company for staying open during pandemic

A Mattel employee says the toy company is being careless with the lives of about 40 workers at its Mississauga warehouse by staying open during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company says employees don't have to come to work if they're not comfortable doing so.

Some internationally trained doctors can apply for 30-day Ontario licence to fight COVID-19

International medical graduates who've passed their exams to practise in Canada, or have graduated from medical school in the past two years, can now apply for a temporary licence in Ontario to help fight COVID-19.

Ontario reviewing ethical guidelines for who gets care if COVID-19 cases overwhelm system

Ethical guidelines for prioritizing who gets care, and who doesn’t, if the Ontario healthcare system becomes overwhelmed during the coronavirus pandemic, are now under review by the Ministry of Health.

Here's what you need to know about the COVID-19 scams popping up in Canada

Stop and think before you share personal information over the phone or click on COVID-19-related links, as pandemic scams pop up across Canada.

New system in Toronto will mean you can text 911, eventually send photos, video

In the next year or so in Toronto, you’ll be able to text 911, and first responders will be able to better pinpoint where you are if you do.
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Cord Blood Bank of Canada clients want to know if kids' stem cells are viable, as company faces $600K lawsuit

Dozens of parents across Canada are worried about the state of their children’s potentially life-saving stem cells now that the Toronto company they’ve been paying to store them is facing a $600,000 lawsuit and won’t return their phone calls.