Nick Boisvert

Reporter, CBC Toronto

Nick Boisvert is a reporter and one-man band video journalist based in Toronto, covering general news, local politics and social justice. Outside work, Nick enjoys cooking, following the NBA and listing things in threes.

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Investors who lost millions in syndicated mortgages call for changes at law society

Dozens of investors who lost millions of dollars in syndicated mortgages say provincial regulators and the Law Society of Ontario failed to protect them from the predatory scheme.

Protests, legal fights and stalled talks: Why Ontario schools could soon face labour disruptions

Ontario's students are settling into the new school year with the threat of labour disruption hanging in the air. Here's a timeline of key moments in the ongoing dispute between the province and its public school teachers.

Chick-fil-A opens 1st Toronto location to adoring customers, angry protesters

A group of outraged protesters and a long line of adoring fans welcomed a controversial U.S. fast-food chain to Toronto on Friday, the first franchised Chick-fil-A in Canada.

Toronto food bank 'desperately' calls for donations after summer of low donations, high demand

Food banks in Toronto say they’re struggling to keep food on the shelves due to a recent spike in demand coupled with a decline in donations.

Why this MMA fighter can't represent Canada on the world stage, even after winning a Canadian title

A Toronto-based mixed martial artist says he’s unable to represent Canada at the upcoming world amateur championships due to immigration issues. "I just want to thank this country for the opportunity that it's given to me," he said.

HSBC introduces 'Pepper' the robot — promising fun, efficiency and job growth

HSBC says its newest employee, a humanoid robot a little more than a metre tall, will be a revelation when it comes to efficiency, customer service and job growth. The history of automation suggests a different result is possible.

Jane-Finch anti-violence BBQ marks 10th anniversary amid city-wide spike in shootings

With Toronto in the grips of one of the city’s most violent years in history, a long-running community event in Jane and Finch has taken on some added significance as it marks its 10th anniversary.

Oakville homeowner stunned after town digs up, removes For Sale sign without warning

A longtime Oakville homeowner is accusing the town of wasting resources and running a “recovery fee scam” after bylaw officers removed a real estate sign from her front lawn without any warning.

Brawl over 'beautiful' billion-year-old boulder rocks Bloor neighbourhood

Neighbours of a giant granite boulder that recently made a dramatic reappearance on Bloor Street are mounting a campaign to keep the rock in their neighbourhood. They are fighing a plan that would have the rock moved about 200 metres away.

Multiple arrests made after week of gun violence in Toronto

Toronto officers have made several arrests connected to three shootings following a week of gun violence, the police chief said Friday. 

Health group says Ontario must do more to protect children from climate change

An Ontario health advocacy group is calling for more action to protect children from the harmful impacts of climate change. The group says cases of asthma, heat stroke and Lyme disease could all be on the rise in the coming decades.

'It's becoming an epidemic': Advocates say Mississauga is failing its feral cats

Volunteers who care for feral cat colonies around Mississauga say the city isn't doing enough to keep the animals safe and healthy. The city is now working on a plan.

Delays, liens and disputes: Inside the messy renovation of a police division headquarters

A multi-million dollar renovation project at a downtown police building was marred by years of delays and disputes that included several contractors placing liens against the Toronto Police Service property.

South African man can't visit long-lost brother in Canada due to 'mean-spirited' visa denial

A South African man who recently made contact with a long-lost brother says he's unable to pay him a visit in Canada because the federal government is refusing to grant him a visitor's visa.

Ontario to cap public sector wage increases

Ontario's government has introduced legislation to cap public sector wage increases at an average of one per cent annually for the next three years.