Neville-Lake family should have Brampton park dedicated to them, says petition

More than 2,900 people have added their names to a petition asking Brampton to name a park after Gary Neville and his three grandchildren Daniel, Harry and Milly, all of whom were killed in an impaired driving crash last year.

City says it's looking into similar requests

Tuesday marks the anniversary of the impaired-driving crash that killed Harry, Milly and Daniel, as well as their 65-year-old grandfather, and York Regional police released this image as part of their campaign against impaired driving. (Submitted by York Regional Police)

More than 2,900 people have added their names to a petition asking Brampton to name a park after Gary Neville and his three grandchildren Daniel, Harry and Milly, all of whom were killed in an impaired driving crash last year. 

The online petition was started five days ago by a man named Denis Langlois, who's asking the city to make sure the Neville-Lakes are never forgotten.

"Not only is it important to remember these precious children and their grandfather but it is also vital that we never forget the tragic consequences of drinking and driving," Langlois wrote in his letter to the city. 

Two-year-old Milly, five-year-old Harry, nine-year-old Daniel and their 65-year-old grandfather were all killed after an impaired driver crashed into their mini-van in Vaughan last September. 

Marco Muzzo, 29, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, after pleading guilty to impaired driving causing death. 

Milly and Harry held hands in hospital before they died, their mother Jennifer Neville-Lake said. (CBC)

Langlois wants the park to include a small memorial, suggesting the city install a bench with a small plaque "where people can sit and reflect on these lives lost and remember." 

"It is critical that we never forget. Remembering could save lives in the future," Langlois wrote.

He also said MADD Canada should include a monument of their own. 

Brampton spokeperson Brian Stittle says the city is already looking into a number of requests for a memorial for the family. 

Mississauga city council is already in the process of changing the name of another park honouring developer Marco Muzzo senior, the grandfather of the man found guilty of causing the Neville Lakes' deaths. 

Council members voted unanimously last Wednesday to change the name to Marco Muzzo Senior Memorial Woods and Park to avoid any confusion. 

Mississauga city council has voted to change the name of the park honouring Marco Muzzo, the grandfather of the man convicted of killing three children and their grandfather while driving drunk. (

"We name parks after developers so we can remember their contributions to a community," Langlois wrote. 

"We should also name a park after the Neville-Lake family, so we never forget their names, their faces or their story."

Comments have already flooded the petition's web page supporting the idea. 

"The Neville-Lake family deserves a place for the world to honour their family, to remind us how selfish choices effect the lives of others and where they can go to find peace and solace amongst natures beauty," wrote Danielle Howaston from Petawawa, Ont. 

Agnes Isaac from Brampton wrote "it's the least we can do to honour this family that was destroyed by a senseless act." 

Langlois is hoping to gather 5,000 signatures before the petition is delivered to the City of Brampton.

The City of Brampton says it is hoping to connect with the Neville-Lake family to ask if they would be interested in such a memorial.