Nepal avalanche: 'Enormous relief' at news Toronto couple is safe

An Aurora, Ont., woman who feared her brother and his partner may have been affected by this week's deadly avalanche in Nepal learned Friday that the couple is safe.

Aurora, Ont., woman received email Friday to say her brother and his partner are OK

Rose Maninang and Marc Voyer, who were trekking in the same remote region of Nepal were a deadly avalanche hit this week, emailed family members on Friday to say they are safe. (Submitted)

An Aurora, Ont., woman who feared that her brother and his partner may have been affected by Wednesday's deadly avalanche in Nepal called CBC News Friday morning to say the Toronto couple is safe.

Nadia Chychrun first spoke to CBC News Wednesday, worried about her brother Mark Voyer and his partner Rose Maninang. The pair had been trekking in the same remote region of Nepal where an avalanche hit on Wednesday killing a confirmed 29 people, including four Canadians.

Chychrun hadn't heard from her brother since last weekend. She and her family spent much of this week frantically scouring the Internet for news and updates. They also called the Department of Foreign Affairs in an attempt to get information.

Then Friday Chychrun received the email she'd been waiting for. It was Marc, telling her that he and Rose are safe.

"The relief is just huge, enormous relief," Chychrun told CBC News Friday. "We're just so excited and thrilled."

Chychrun said Voyer and Maninang were near the area where the avalanche hit but were at a lower altitude. Instead of heavy snow that triggered the deadly avalanche, they got rain.

"They have some sore muscles and they've lost a little weight," said Chychrun. "The first thing they did is go and have a big breakfast with meat."

Last weekend Chychrun's brother warned her they were heading into a region where Internet access and cellphone service was spotty.

"My heart goes out to anybody who's still waiting," said Chychrun. "It's agonizing."

The couple's trekking trip to Nepal was part of an extended vacation to Asia and Australia that began in February.