Natalie Nanowski

Reporter, CBC Toronto

Natalie is a storyteller who spent the last few years in Montreal covering everything from politics to corruption and student protests. Now that she’s back in her hometown of Toronto, she is eagerly rediscovering what makes this city tick, and has a personal interest in real estate and investigative journalism. When she’s not reporting you can find her at a yoga studio or exploring Queen St. Contact Natalie:

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Looking for work? These industries are hiring in Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic

As restaurants, bars and other businesses shut their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, laying off tens of thousands of people, there are other industries in the city looking to hire workers -- and and they're not just retail and cashier jobs.

'Starting to panic': Landlords fear they won't be helped if tenants don't pay rent amid COVID-19

When Margret Curlew found out that the big banks were offering mortgage deferrals up to six months, she reached out to her lenders, knowing that some of her tenants were going to have trouble making April’s rent. But, she says, the banks denied her.

Here's what's available to help Ontario renters through COVID-19

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced $82 billion in aid for families and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Homeowners were given the option to defer their mortgages for up to six months. But renters don't have a similar option.

Ontario now telling nurses to quarantine if returning from travel

Ontario nurses are now being told to self-isolate upon returning from travel, this after the government initially told them to come into work as long as they didn't feel sick.

Big banks promise mortgage help for Canadians as Ottawa set to announce $25B in COVID-19 relief

The federal government is set to announce Wednesday a massive aid package worth more than $25 billion to help Canadians get through the COVID-19 crisis, CBC News-Radio Canada has learned. But banks and mortgage lenders have already said they're ready to help.

The COVID-19 pandemic: What it is, who's at risk, and how you can protect yourself

Here's a breakdown of what COVID-19 is, who is most at risk of catching it, and most importantly, what you can do to protect yourself. 

'This is surveillance': Jane-Finch community angry at police plan for CCTV cameras

Toronto police say they are planning to install CCTV cameras in the Jane and Finch area because they were told that "residents would feel safer," but the plan has surprised and angered community organizers.

Ontario's new licence plates 'virtually unreadable' at night, police officer says

Driving at night comes with challenges from poorly lit roads to headlight glare, but now many Ontarians say there’s another thing to worry about — not being able to read the province’s new licence plates in the dark. 

With plastic bags on their way out, what else should we consider ditching?

Although Sobeys is the largest national retailer to ban plastic bags, smaller shops in Toronto have gone even further to encourage waste reduction. Bare market and Unboxed Market sell their goods unwrapped and have some tips on how to reduce your plastic footprint.

'I thought we did everything right': Why a bar owner was forced to pay for customer's false fire alarm

Refusing to serve a few intoxicated patrons is now costing bar owner Kristine Lukanchoff nearly $1,500, because she says those rowdy visitors pulled the fire alarm, causing the city to slap her with a faulty fire alarm bill. 

7 brides who used same wedding photographer still don't have their photos, videos

Finding the right wedding photographer can be tough and several women thought they made the right decision when they went with Shelby Morell Photography. That choice is their biggest regret now that the photographer has disappeared with their money and memories. 

Brampton pushes plan for its own university in hope to combat brain drain

A few days ago, the city launched BramptonU, a movement to get an post-secondary institution built and prevent the brain drain some say is to blame for pulling talent away from Brampton.

Preemies badly need your donations, Ontario milk bank reminds nursing moms

The medical director of the Rogers Hixon Ontario Human Milk Bank says donations slow down as the holidays approach, so she wants to remind nursing mothers how crucial their breast milk is to saving the lives of premature babies.

Telescammers not only want your money. They're also after your phone number

Most times, George Baiden avoids answering calls from numbers he doesn’t know. But when a Toronto area code appeared on his cell, he picked up thinking it was a friend. It turned out to be from an elaborate telephone scam whereby fraudsters steal phone numbers to make their calls. 

Weather related damage causing home insurance rates to spike

Even if your home wasn’t hit by one of the severe weather events last year, chances are your insurance rates have gone up because of flooding in a neighbouring city or forest fires on the other side of the country.