Clinton Elliot Yow Foo shot by a sniper using a 'unique' rifle, Toronto police say

Toronto police are asking the public for information about a suspect who used an unusual hunting rifle to murder Clinton Elliot Yow Foo in the Kingston and Ellesmere roads area on Oct. 1, 2015.

Clinton Elliot Yow Foo, 37, was found steps from his parents' house

Toronto police say this rifle was used to shoot Clinton Yow Foo from a distance on Oct. 1, 2015. (Toronto Police Service)

Toronto police are asking the public for information about a suspect who used an unusual hunting rifle to fatally shoot Clinton Elliot Yow Foo, 37, in the driveway of his parents' home on Oct. 1, 2015.

The high-powered rifle, described as "a unique piece of kit" by Detective Sergeant Tam Bui at a news conference on Tuesday, is a Browning BLR short magnum lever-action model with a Bushnell scope and a bipod.

It was recovered by police "a considerable distance away" from the site of Yow Foo's body in the Kingston and Ellesmere roads area, following a search with police canine units, mounted units, and a drone.

Bui said he believes Yow Foo was shot from a distance of about 200 yards (183 meters) by a person with "some considerable skill and some training."

"This was a shot that was made at a considerable distance," said Bui. "It was made at night in the dark and it was windy."

Bui also revealed that police believe Yow Foo was on the phone with somebody outside of Canada at the time he was shot. They consider the person on the phone call to be an "eyewitness" to the murder, and are trying to determine who it was.

'Strong connection to Montreal'

Bui said the rifle used in the shooting has "a strong connection to Montreal," although he didn't specify exactly what that connection entailed.

Because the rifle scope would have to be calibrated prior to such a long-range shot, said Bui, police hope to get information from anyone who may have seen the rifle being used at a firing range before the shooting. Toronto police are promoting the hashtag "#catchthesniper" to solicit tips from social media.

In addition to seeking information about the rifle, Toronto police are trying to find a friend of Yow Foo's who found his body after he was shot. Bui said police have since lost touch with that person, and are asking him to come forward.

Clinton Elliot Yow Foo, 37, was shot outside an address near Kingston Road and Ellesmere Road on Oct. 1, 2015. (Toronto Police)

Police are also trying to determine where Yow Foo may have travelled during July 2015. Bui said Yow Foo's family believed he was out of the country at that time, but police believe he was actually in St. John's, Newfoundland. Bui displayed a photo of a St. John's music festival, although Yow Foo wasn't in the photo and Bui wouldn't say whether or not the victim was the photographer.

Yow Foo was the subject of a Durham Regional Police investigation in 2009, said Bui, and is believed to have connections to organized crime. Bui said drug evidence recovered at the scene of the shooting indicates Yow Foo was "involved in criminal activity."


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