Mulroney puts PC leadership opponents on blast, says 'only I can' win

PC leadership hopeful Caroline Mulroney has come out swinging against her opponents, saying that only she is capable of winning the provincial election.

PC leadership hopeful has come out swinging against Christine Elliott, Doug Ford

Caroline Mulroney put Patrick Brown on blast on Friday, saying that his presence in the race was causing 'distractions.' (CBC)

Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Caroline Mulroney delivered a speech on Friday in which she described her party as "in crisis."

"Our goal is to fire Kathleen Wynne and we're losing sight of that," she said, arguing that Patrick Brown — who entered the race last Friday — was creating "distractions have no place in the leadership race."

After calling on fellow leadership candidates Christine Elliott, Doug Ford and Tanya Granic Allen to join her call for Brown to bow out, she criticized Elliott and Ford, arguing they don't have what it takes to win a provincial election. 

Elliott, she said, lacked commitment, pointing to her decision to accept an appointment from Kathleen Wynne to work as Ontario's patient ombudsman.

Ford, meanwhile, had "no clue what his random ideas would actually cost."

"Doug can't get the job done and Christine has proven she won't," said Mulroney. "Only I can."

Mulroney, who has never held elected office before, jumped into the PC leadership race in early February with the campaign slogan, "Let's get it done."