Mother chronicles Johnathon's life in memorial website

A memorial website dedicated to the life of murder victim Johnathon Madden, 12, was relaunched on Friday.

A memorial website dedicated to the life of 12-year-old Johnathon Madden was relaunched Friday following the sentencing of his brother andanother teenin the young boy'smurder.

Created nearly a year ago by the boy's mother but taken down at the request of police, the site was reactivated Friday afternoon after an Ontario judge lifted a publication ban prohibiting use of the boy's full name.

He had been referred to as "Johnathan" since his death nearly three years ago.

"I would like for the whole world to know about my wonderful son," Johnathon's mother, Joanne Champagnie, writes on the site, adding she wants to build a memorial to remember him through the generations.

The site includes a photo album, eulogies from Johnathon's funeral, a timeline of his life,poems written in tribute, anda home video of an outing to the beach.

Mother wanted name released

During the sentencing hearing for the two teens in the past two weeks, Champagniemade it clear thather wish was for the two teensto be sentenced as adults so Johnathon's full name could be revealed and the public could then see his face and hear his story.

Johnathon could not be named because of provisions under the Youth Criminal Justice Act protecting the identity of his brother, who was under 18 at the time of the murder.

But God knows I would do anything to go back and never sleep again just to hold him again.

On Nov. 25, 2003, Johnathon was stabbed 71 times in the basement of his home on Danforth Avenue and Dawes Road in the east end.

His brother, Kevin Madden, was sentenced to life imprisonment for first-degree murder and his brother's friend, Timothy Ferriman, faces two years less a day in prison with three years probation for manslaughter.

'So warm and full of life'

Johnathon Robert Madden was born in Toronto, Ont., on May 11, 1991, the youngest of two children. His mother says she will always remember the day he was born because it was the Saturday before Mother's Day.

What better Mother's Day gift could you ask for than a healthy baby boy "so tiny, so warm and full of life," she says on the website.

For the first two years, she says, she didn't get much sleep and spoiled him by letting him sleep in the bed with her.

"But God knows I would do anything to go back and never sleep again just to hold him again and be able to smile and laugh together again," saysher posting, signed "Mommy."

'Skateboarding with the angels'

Much of the site dates back from a year ago in its initial launch, but as soon as the site was relaunched Friday a number of friends and even people who didn't know the boy began posting comments.

"Your strength is unforgettable, Joanne," one person wrote Friday.

In an older posting, his aunt comments, "May you enjoy skateboarding with the angels."

Another says: "I will always remember the Little Man with the big smile."

A photo album on the site chroniclesJohnathon's life from the time he was born and continues with school pictures through the years. Most of the photos show johnathon alone, and his brother is notably absent.

Johnathon completed elementary school at Secord Public School in East York in 2003.

Just three months before his killing, he had startedjunior high at Earl Beatty Public School, located a few kilometres west of Secord.

Uncle's eulogy

In a eulogyread atJohnathon's funeral posted on the site, his uncle, identified only asFrank, writes about how he kept askingwhy something so horrible had happened to the boy.

He concludes that the question is not why, but what the family can do about it.

His response: "Johnathon gave us his young life so we could all love each other just a little more, just a little better.

"It is so we can become better people in this church, in this city, on this Earth. "