Most proposed Ontario ridings close to Toronto

Due to an increase in population, Ontario could be getting 15 new federal ridings.

Due to an increase in population, Ontario could be getting 15 new federal ridings.

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario says public hearings will be held this fall on the proposed new electoral map.

The proposed new electoral districts are located in Brampton, Cambridge, Durham, Hamilton, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Ottawa, Simcoe, Toronto and York.

Despite a slight population decline, the commission says the 10 electoral districts in northern Ontario should remain as a minimum for effective representation.

Ontario's population grew from 11.41 million in the 2001 census to 12.85 million in the 2011 census.

Under the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act, the commission's main aim in redrawing boundaries is to divide the province into electoral districts as close to the average population as reasonably possible.

"Population shifts and increases, efforts to honour existing municipal boundaries whenever possible, and the establishment of 15 new electoral districts have required substantial adjustment to Ontario's electoral map," said Justice George Valin, chairman of the three-member commission.

The commission makes final decisions about where the electoral boundaries will be located after the public and MPs have had an opportunity to express their views.

Public hearings are scheduled to begin in Kenora on Oct. 9 and conclude in Toronto on Nov. 15.

Those wishing to make a presentation at a hearing are requested to send the commission written notice no later than Oct. 1.