More death threats against Toronto Mayor Ford

There have been more death threats against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, beyond the two cases that have resulted in charges, CBC News has learned.

They won't change mayor's style, says press secretary

Police in Toronto have arrested a second man and charged him with threatening to kill Mayor Rob Ford, CBC News has learned.

Police are not releasing much information, saying they "don't discuss threats against individuals, venues or events." But CBC News has learned there have been other threats against Ford — beyond the two cases that have resulted in charges. 

Last month, Ford himself revealed he had been the subject of a death threat but that he "didn't take it that seriously."

Police said they had arrested Anthony Vella, 56, of Toronto on July 14, and charged him with one count of threatening death.

A second man, Robert Dunlop, was arrested at the end of July and charged with uttering death threats. Dunlop will appear in court on Aug. 17.

A second person has been charged with threatening the life of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. (CBC)

"There have been other threats made [against the mayor]," Ford's press secretary Adrienne Batra confirmed on Tuesday, "and Toronto Police Service and corporate security are dealing with those in the appropriate manner."

Ford has been heavily criticized in some quarters after he swept into office promising to cut the fat and excess at city hall.  His campaign said he would put an end to the "gravy train" at city hall.

Late last month, Ford chaired a 22-hour executive council meeting where Torontonians voiced their opinions on proposed cuts to the city's budget.

It was during that meeting that Ford told reporters of the first death threat.

The mayor appeared to dismiss it, saying, "I don't want to [go into detail] because it is still under police investigation — but I don't take it that seriously."

Although Toronto police confirm the latest arrest, they will not comment on the mayor's security. 

"We make whatever changes are necessary based on the information that we're aware of," said police spokesman Mark Pugash. 

Batra said the threats will not affect how the mayor does his job.

"The mayor continues to go to public events. He was at the Taste of the Danforth [festival] last weekend. He is at football games. He still continues to return phone calls and regularly makes constituency meetings a priority," Batra said.

However, when the mayor attends large public gatherings — like recently the Beaches Jazz Festival or Taste of Danforth — he is now surrounded by a ring of police officers.