Mom accused of using child as weapon now charged

A woman faces a number of assault charges after she attacked passengers on a Toronto streetcar with her young child.

Mother accused of using child as a weapon in Toronto transit assault

A woman faces assault charges after a Toronto streetcar passenger allegedly used her young child as a weapon to attack other passengers.

A woman faces assault charges for allegedy using her child to attack other passengers on a Toronto streetcar. ((The Canadian Press))

Police said the woman and her three-year-old daughter were travelling on a Dundas Street East streetcar at Parliament Street on June 24 when an altercation arose with another passenger.

According to police, the accused began swinging her child, as well as a stroller, striking one of the victims. The woman then allegedly pulled the hair of a passenger who tried to intervene. The woman got off the car with her child at Broadview Avenue and walked away.

Police said Monday that they have charged the woman with assault with a weapon — the stroller — and two counts of assault, including one involving the child.

They have not released the name of the accused. She came forward to police on June 30 after witnesses posted a picture of the incident on the internet.

Police said the child was not hurt. She and the woman's other child are now in the custody of family members.

She is to appear in court at College Park on Aug. 8.