Mississauga auto scrap yard blaze extinguished after all-night battle

A blaze at an auto scrap yard that some 50 firefighters battled overnight is now extinguished and the situation is now under control, the city of Mississauga says.

Crews will continue to remain on site to monitor debris piles, city says

Firefighters spent more than 12 hours battling a blaze that engulfed stacks of crushed cars and a pile of discarded tires. (Paul Smith/CBC)

A blaze at an auto scrap yard that some 50 firefighters battled overnight is now extinguished and the situation is now under control, the city of Mississauga says.

Crews were called to Eagle Tech Recycling, on Mavis Road, around 7 p.m. Thursday. When they arrived, plumes of thick black smoke were pouring from the property.

A "very large pile of tires and stacks of crushed cars" had caught fire, said Mark Train, a district chief with Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services, adding that each of the stacks was about 10 cars deep.

"Crushed cars are very stubborn and difficult to extinguish," he explained. "Penetrating that stack of material and metal to get to the bottom of it is very difficult."

By early Friday morning, the fire was "dramatically reduced" in size and intensity, Train said.

Although the fire is now out, the city says crews will remain on site to monitor piles of debris.

Crushed cars that have caught fire are especially difficult to extinguish because of a flammable type of foam found in the upholstery of many vehicles. (Paul Smith/CBC)

No injuries have been reported, though nearby businesses were briefly evacuated as a precaution. 

The city says the fire had no impact on buildings in the immediate area.

Representatives from the Ministry of Environment spent the night monitoring air quality in the path of the smoke plume.

Similarly, the Region of Peel dispatched officials to monitor water quality in a stream that flows behind the property. As of Friday, there were no lasting concerns about seepage of contaminates from the auto yard into the water.

Police closed several roads overnight, but both Mavis Road and Wolfdale Road between Central Parkway West and Dundas Street have since reopened to traffic.

The Peel District School Board sent out an alert early Friday warning parents and students that busing in the area around the scene of the fire may be delayed. All schools are open, the board said. 

An investigation is ongoing to determine the cause. 


  • An earlier version reported that the fire started at Cooksville Auto Recycling based on information provided by Mississauga fire officials. In fact, the fire began at Eagle Tech Recycling, which operates on an adjacent property.
    Sep 21, 2018 10:20 AM ET