Dog rescued in Greece found after going missing at Toronto airport

A dog rescued in Greece who went missing after Toronto airport staff let her out of her crate has been found.

10-lb. pup Emily bolted at Terminal 3 Monday night after being let out of crate

Emily, a 10-pound dog rescued in Greece, disappeared at Toronto airport after customs staff let her out of her crate. (Jonathan Castell/CBC)

A dog rescued in Greece who went missing after Toronto airport staff let her out of her crate has been found.

Canada Border Services Agency confirmed Tuesday afternoon. 

The 10-pound (4.5-kilogram) dog named Emily was on a flight to Toronto from Athens.

The CBSA confirmed Emily was found on Tuesday afternoon. (Jonathan Castell/CBC)

Search underway for 10-pound dog that ran away from customs staff at Toronto airport

The 18-month-old dog — and new mother to a litter of puppies — was one of five dogs that arrived in the city with the local organization Stray Dogs from Greece. 

The non-profit organization rescues dogs and works to find them safe new homes.

Stray Paws from Greece co-founder Anastasia Tasoula Somers told CBC News it was customs staff who let the five dogs outside after they had been in crates for the 15-hour flight and held for three more hours at the airport.

She said the dogs were let out in a non-fenced area behind Terminal 3 bordered by a parking lot and the highway.

The Pomeranian and papillon mix has been taken to an animal hospital in Etobicoke to be checked out before being reunited with her adoptive family.

The Richmond Hill family that adopted Emily was still at the terminal at 11 p.m. Monday night, hoping for a glimpse of the pooch whose smile had won them over.

"From the pictures that we saw, she's just a really happy dog," Jordan Wong said. "We've just been looking out the window and hoping we see her."

Wong, 20, had been at the airport with his sister and parents since 3 p.m., expecting to meet the new addition to their family. They waited with four other families, none of whom knew, at first, which dog had been lost.

"We all just found out that a dog was missing, and it caused a lot of unhappiness in our group," he said. "But when we learned it was Emily, the other families didn't feel a sense of relief, because they knew that there was still someone's dog out there missing."

With files from Laura Fraser