Mike Crawley

Provincial Affairs Reporter

Mike Crawley is provincial affairs reporter in Ontario for CBC News. He has won awards for his reporting on the eHealth spending scandal and flaws in Ontario's welfare-payment computer system. Before joining the CBC in 2005, Mike filed stories from 19 countries in Africa as a freelance journalist and worked as a newspaper reporter in B.C.

Latest from Mike Crawley

Ontario boosting powers to fine companies that break environmental rules

The Ford government is boosting the province's powers to slap fines on industry for breaking Ontario's environmental rules, but environmental activists say there's an important catch that actually weakens protections from air pollution.

Why Doug Ford's cabinet shuffle won't solve his problems

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is showing no signs of changing the direction of his government, despite demoting his finance minister barely two months after his first budget.

Doug Ford shuffling cabinet Thursday amid sagging poll results

Ontario Premier Doug Ford will shuffle his cabinet on Thursday, following a series of poor polls barely a year into his Progressive Conservative government's mandate.

Ford government shouldn't try to modernize education while cutting funding, new report warns

A new report from an education advocacy group warns the Ford government against reducing funding while aiming to modernize the school system. 

Legal aid cuts will clog Ontario's already crowded courts, lawyers warn

Lawyers are warning that fresh changes to Ontario's legal aid system triggered by Ford government funding cuts will clog up the courts and reduce people's chances of getting a fair bail hearing. 

What's at stake in the Ford government's battle with The Beer Store

Beer is big business in Ontario, and the battle over who gets to sell it is shaping up to be fierce.

Doug Ford's 'government that listens' is hearing the polls

Premier Doug Ford wants you to believe that his decision to postpone municipal budget cuts had absolutely nothing to do with successive polls showing a sharp drop in voter support for his party. 

Ontario Liberals consider changing how they pick new leader

The Ontario Liberal Party is about to face a key decision even before it starts down the road of choosing its new leader: figuring out exactly how it should choose that leader. 

Privatizing LCBO's distribution business is on the table, Ford government adviser reveals

The Ford government's top adviser on reforming alcohol sales will soon hand over his recommendations, and CBC News obtained some insights into his thinking in an interview.

Ford government scraps funding for stem cell research

The Ford government plans to stop all provincial funding to an institute that supports Ontario scientists at the cutting edge of stem cell research.

New stats show fewer foreign residents buying GTA homes

New figures show the pace of foreign purchases of residential real estate in the Greater Toronto Area has slowed to a trickle, two years after the province imposed a tax to try to cool the housing market. 

Ontario's foreign buyers tax figures are now a mystery — and the finance minister says he doesn't know why

The Ontario government is no longer publishing statistics about its foreign buyers tax on residential real estate.

OPP officers, staff win pay hikes through arbitration

Ontario Provincial Police officers and civilian staff are getting new wage increases, just as the Ford government revealed it is cutting provincial funding to the force by nearly four per cent.

Ford government sets the stage for capping public sector raises

Unions representing a wide range of Ontario's public sector workers - from teachers to nurses to hospital janitors - fear that legislation to freeze or limit their wages is on the way. 

Ontario Telemedicine Network lays off 44 staff

A non-profit agency that helps Ontario patients access health care through videoconferencing has laid off more than 15 per cent of its staff in the wake of a cut to its provincial funding, CBC News has learned.