Mike Crawley

Provincial Affairs Reporter

Mike Crawley is provincial affairs reporter in Ontario for CBC News. He has won awards for his reporting on the eHealth spending scandal and flaws in Ontario's welfare-payment computer system. Before joining the CBC in 2005, Mike filed stories from 19 countries in Africa as a freelance journalist and worked as a newspaper reporter in B.C.

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Stage 3 of Ontario's COVID-19 reopening plan looms nearer

The chances of large parts of Ontario moving soon to Stage 3 of the province's COVID-19 reopening plan are looking bright as the number of new coronavirus cases in most public health units remains low.

How Ontario's new math curriculum goes way beyond back-to-basics

Premier Doug Ford is calling Ontario's new elementary math curriculum a shift back to basics and pitching it as a major overhaul of the previous version, but a closer look at the document casts doubt on both those portrayals. 

What Toronto, Peel and Windsor-Essex need to move to Stage 2 of Ontario's COVID-19 reopening plan

Premier Doug Ford is sending some optimistic signals to the three public health units that have yet to be approved for Stage 2 of Ontario's COVID-19 reopening plan.

Ontario considers 'good faith' immunity from COVID-19 lawsuits

Ontario is considering granting some degree of immunity from civil lawsuits related to COVID-19, CBC News has learned.

Here's what changes in Ontario as COVID-19 restrictions are loosened

Ontario eases some of its COVID-19 emergency restrictions on Friday, with certain changes taking effect everywhere in the province and others happening only in regions approved for Stage 2 of the government's reopening plan.

Ontario considering Stage 2 of reopening despite steady stream of new COVID-19 cases

Premier Doug Ford is signalling that he could announce the next phase of loosening Ontario's pandemic restrictions as early as next week, despite a recent uptick in new cases of COVID-19.

Hospitals failed to flag 700 positive COVID-19 tests to Ontario's public health units

Some 700 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Toronto area were not flagged to public health officials because of a mixup between two hospitals, CBC News has learned.

COVID-19 in Ontario is now primarily a Toronto-area problem, figures show

Toronto and its surrounding cities account for a disproportionately high number of Ontario's new cases of COVID-19, according to a CBC News analysis of provincial data on novel coronavirus infections.

Ontario's hospitals are filling up, hampering the resumption of surgeries

Although hospitals around Ontario are now allowed to resume non-emergency surgeries, many of them can't, either because they're too full or don't have enough protective equipment.

What's next for COVID-19 testing in Ontario

As Ontario begins loosening its COVID-19 lockdown measures, the calls for an urgent expansion of its testing system are growing.

Doug Ford announces plan for Stage 1 of easing COVID-19 restrictions. Is Ontario ready?

Premier Doug Ford announced Thursday how Ontario will start to reopen its economy and phase out some emergency restrictions that were imposed to combat COVID-19. But some experts aren't sure if the province is ready yet.

Ontario to ease COVID-19 restrictions on retail, construction

Ontario is set to announce it will lift restrictions on construction work and will loosen restrictions on retail shops outside of malls as part of its COVID-19 reopening plan, CBC News has learned. But the exact date when the restrictions will be lifted is not known.

Question period resumes in Ontario, a tricky challenge for all parties

Ontario's political parties now have to figure out how to navigate the partisan cut-and-thrust of Queen's Park in the COVID-19 era, as question period resumes Tuesday for the first time in two months. 

Ontario rejects regional phase-outs of COVID-19 restrictions

Despite sharp differences in the impact of COVID-19 in different parts of Ontario, the Ford government is rejecting a region-by-region approach to loosening emergency restrictions.

Why limited contact tracing could slow Ontario's plan to end COVID-19 restrictions

It's not clear when Ontario will be able to hit one of its key targets for phasing out emergency measures: rapid contact tracing for every new confirmed case of COVID-19.