Mel Lastman asks crowd: 'Who's worse than the mayor we have?'

Former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman made a quip at the expense of Rob Ford today, playing off a well-known phrase used in his Bad Boy furniture store chain's commercials.
The former mayor of Toronto referenced the current mayor of Toronto at Honest Ed's on Sunday. 0:30

If you've lived in Toronto long enough, you probably know the drill.

When a Lastman's Bad Boy Superstore advertisement plays on TV, it will end with someone asking "who's better" than Bad Boy.

The answer is invariably "nobody."

Mel Lastman, the former mayor of Toronto, opened the first Bad Boy store nearly six decades ago.

On Sunday, he was present for an event at Honest Ed's — the legendary "bargain centre" at the corner of Bloor Street West and Bathurst Street.

Bad Boy will be opening a new superstore within the Honest Ed’s building this fall.

"Bad Boy guarantees that when we open here, you’re going to find the lowest prices you've ever seen in your life," Lastman said.

Lastman then got the crowd revved up by asking who was better than Honest Ed's, following up with a question as to who was better than Bad Boy. The answer in both cases, was "nobody."

And then he asked: "Who's worse than the mayor we have?"

Mayor Rob Ford is seen ahead of the start of a mayoral contenders' debate last week. He is seeking a second term this fall. (Darren Calabrese/Canadian Press)

The quip drew some laughs and at least one person who yelled "nobody."

"I didn't mean that," Lastman said, while laughing.

The current mayor, Rob Ford, has spent the past year in the midst of a drug-related scandal that saw him admit to using crack cocaine and eventually spend two months in rehab.

The story of Ford's drug use has made headlines around the world and spurred repeated calls for him to step down from his job, which he has ignored.

Ford, a 45-year-old father of two, is seeking a second term as mayor this fall. He is up against dozens of candidates vying for his job.