Meet Pat Maietta, the TTC's last remaining blacksmith

The TTC still employs a blacksmith to help repair and manufacture the tools and parts the city's aging fleet of streetcars need to stay running smoothly.
A blacksmith helps keep the aging TTC’s streetcars in working condition. 2:10

For nearly three decades, Pat Maietta has been working for the TTC and helping keep its aging fleet of streetcars on the road.

The blacksmith crafts unique parts that are no longer available from suppliers.

“When [the streetcars] break down, when they get bent or derailed, there’s a lot of parts to repair, straighten, heat or make a new one,” he said.

Maietta makes the tools that are used to pull broken streetcars into garages and to switch the tracks out on city roads.

Click on the video above to see a full report from the CBC’s Kimberly Gale and to learn more about Maietta's unique skills and job.