Man shot by Toronto police identified

The man who was shot and killed by Toronto police on Friday has been identified.

Dead man identified

11 years ago
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The SIU has named the man who was fatally shot on Milverton Boulevard.

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit has identified the man who was shot and killed by Toronto police on Friday.

Michael Eligon, 29, was shot on Milverton Boulevard — near Coxwell and Danforth Avenues — after a confrontation with police.

He died a short time later at St. Michael's Hospital.

The SIU did not provide any further information about Eligon.

Witnesses say Eligon was wearing a hospital gown and carrying two pair of scissors when he was shot.

The Toronto East General Hospital is just a few blocks away. 

Toronto police say they received a call at 10:04 a.m. after a man was seen in the neighbourhood who appeared to be disoriented and confused.

The SIU says it has assigned seven investigators and three forensic investigators to the case.

The SIU is called in any time a member of the public is injured by police.