Man convicted over reckless driving that killed cousin

Alan Kippax of Bayfield, Ont., has been convicted of dangerous driving causing death in connection with a collision that killed his cousin and sent two others to hospital.

A man who took part in an aggressive driving episode that led to his cousin's death was convicted Tuesday of dangerous driving causing death and two counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

Justice Deena Baltman said the "brazen" and "aggressive" way Alan Kippax, 41, was driving led to the accident that killed his 31-year-old cousin, Peter Kippax, and overturned the lives of a Mississauga couple, who were hospitalized as a result.

The Brampton court was told that on June 3, 2006, Alan and Peter Kippax raced their cars through the intersection of Mavis Road and Eglinton Avenue West, passing traffic on the right-hand side, by using the right-turn lane.

Alan Kippax, a resident of Bayfield, Ont., managed to get his Mercedes back into the regular traffic lane, but Peter Kippax lost control of the Porsche 911 he had taken possession of earlier that day. His car went into the southbound lanes and hit a car carrying Allison Hickey and Mark Radman.

Peter Kippax, who had replaced his British driver's licence with a Canadian one a day earlier, died in the crash. 

Hickey and Radman were hospitalized for months with life-threatening injuries.

Justice Baltman called Alan Kippax's actions "deliberate" and said if Peter Kippax had survived then "two men would be on trial."

Kippax will be sentenced on Jan. 28, 2010.