Makda Ghebreslassie

CBC Toronto reporter

Makda is a CBC Video-Journalist, who from time to time fills in as TV news anchor and a newsreader on Here and Now and Fresh Air. She worked in newsrooms in Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and Windsor before moving back home to Toronto.

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'They're despicable': Consumers warned of illegal advance-fee loans during pandemic

Online money fraudsters are ramping up an old scam, luring struggling Canadians in the COVID-19 era with bogus loans that lead to more financial woes, CBC News has learned.

Hospitals scramble to secure more ventilators amid coronavirus outbreak

Canada’s hospitals and health officials are looking at ways to boost the number of available ventilators to prepare for a deluge of very sick COVID-19 patients amid projections that they could run out of such life-saving equipment within weeks.

The label says 100% compostable plastic. But it's likely ending up in a landfill

You see them in a variety of products on grocery store shelves: bags, cutlery and coffee pods made of what's known as compostable plastic. But watch what Marketplace discovered about what actually happens when you put them in your green bin.

Hidden camera footage catches misleading sales practices at car rental agency

An undercover investigation into a car rental agency in Mississauga, Ont., found employees using questionable sales tactics, misleading customers and charging hidden fees.

Plastic surgeon vows to fight potential class-action lawsuit alleging he filmed patients without consent

A Toronto plastic surgeon says a class-action lawsuit alleging he breached the privacy rights of patients by recording them without their consent using surveillance cameras inside his clinic is without merit and he will fight it vigorously if it is certified.
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I camped out with Raptors fans in line for Jurassic Park — here's what happened

When Makda Ghebreslassie heard that Raptors fans were camping out to be among the first to get into Jurassic Park for Game 5 of the NBA Finals, she decided she would join them for the night.

Toronto plastic surgeon told to remove security cameras from consult rooms

The regulatory body for doctors in Ontario has made a formal allegation of professional misconduct against a Toronto plastic surgeon who had security cameras in his consult rooms. The rooms are where patients are regularly asked to remove their clothing during pre- and post-operative appointments.

Some baby foods sold in Canada would be 'illegal in Europe,' arsenic testing shows

A CBC Marketplace-Radio-Canada investigation into baby cereals and snacks has found that the arsenic levels in two Canadian rice-based products would see them pulled off store shelves in Europe, according to one of the world's leading arsenic experts.

Credit freezes are one easy way to protect against identity fraud — but they're not available in Canada

There's no shortage of ways for thieves to steal your identity. From data breaches to phone scams, it could happen to anyone. But as some 27,000 Canadians report being victims of identity theft every year, a Marketplace investigation reveals Canada is doing little to match the strength of protections offered in the U.S.

How criminals are using the low-interest credit card scam to steal your identity

It starts with what sounds like a promising phone call: For a one-time fee, you can lower the interest rate on your credit card. But the person on the other end of the line isn't with your bank or credit card company. And what they're really after is your identity.

'It's creepy': Security cameras spotted in plastic surgeon's consult room

A Toronto plastic surgeon who may be filming patients in states of undress without their consent is being investigated by both the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the province's privacy commissioner following a Marketplace investigation.

Ontario workplace safety board reviewing Uber Eats following Marketplace investigation

On any given day in downtown Toronto, you'll see a flurry of bike couriers pedalling their way through traffic, bags strapped to their backs, on their way to deliver your next meal. But if those couriers get hurt on the job, a Marketplace investigation has found their eligibility for work-related compensation depends on which app they deliver for.

'Stalked within your own home': Woman says abusive ex used smart home technology against her

While smart technology — web-controlled devices like locks, lights, thermostats and cameras — can provide convenience and a sense of security for some, these tools are increasingly being used by others to monitor, harass, stalk and intimidate, something known as "tech abuse."

We hired ethical hackers to hack a family's smart home — here's how it turned out

Whether for security, convenience or the cool factor, millions of Canadians are automating their homes with the latest smart home gadgets. But a Marketplace investigation reveals that the convenience might come at a cost.

1 month after Toronto van attack, 'scars are very deep' but healing continues

One month after Toronto's van attack and several people remain in hospital, two memorials honouring the victims remain in place and Alek Minassian the accused killer is behind bars awaiting his next court date.