Toronto machete attack takedown captured on video

Security camera footage released Thursday captured the moment private security guard Nate McNeil tackled a man now charged in a random machete attack in downtown Toronto on Wednesday.

Nate McNeil says he was just doing his job in executing a takedown his boss says was textbook perfect

Security guard takes down machete attacker

7 years ago
Duration 1:19
Surveillance footage of Toronto security guards tackling a man wielding a machete

Security camera footage released Thursday captured the moment private security guard Nate McNeil tackled a man now charged in a random machete attack in downtown Toronto on Wednesday. 

Cameras show McNeil rushing through the doors of the Atrium shopping centre on Bay Street at Dundas West. He tackles the suspect from behind and rides him to the ground. 

McNeil and the suspect, who now faces an attempted murder charge, were not hurt in the takedown. Police arrived minutes later and arrested the man. 

At a news conference Thursday, McNeil scoffed at suggestions he's a hero, saying he was just doing the job he was trained to do. 

The security camera footage was released to the media by Paragon, the security company that employs McNeil and by the Atrium shopping centre. 

Security guard Nathaniel McNeil took down a man holding a machete with a football style tackle yesterday. He shrugged off suggestions he was a hero. 'I was just doing my job.' (CBC)