Lorenda Reddekopp

Reporter, CBC Toronto

Lorenda Reddekopp is a reporter for CBC Toronto.

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Ontario summer camp operators worried COVID-19 could shut down their businesses

Thousands of parents and children, as well as camp operators and staffers are unsure what the regulations will be and if camps will even be a possibility this year, but owners are looking at options that could save their businesses.

'We just want to be with him': How COVID-19 restrictions keep families from dying loved ones

Julia Nardi and her family are saying goodbye to her father Sam, who's in palliative care. Visitor restrictions at hospitals are making an already difficult process even worse.

Oshawa, Ont. long-term care home tries to contain COVID-19 outbreak after resident dies

An Oshawa long-term care home is fighting an outbreak of COVID-19 that has claimed the life of one resident and sent 28 others into isolation, according to Durham Region health officials.

How a problem-solving dad created bathing suit bottoms for transgender girls

Jamie Alexander launched a swimwear line specifically for transgender girls to try to protect his daughter from potential negative reactions at the beach or pool.

Western Union stops all money transfers from Canada to Cuba

Cuban Canadians are lamenting losing the cheapest option for sending money to friends and family after Western Union halted transfers to Cuba from everywhere outside the United States.

Scotiabank Arena sign is so bright, it's 'added stress to my life,' neighbour complains

Katherine Woodard never imagined she'd be complaining about a sign. But she says the giant glowing "S" outside Scotiabank Arena at Bay Street and Lake Shore Boulevard is so bright it's keeping her up at night.

New challenge gets people out and off their phones by ... using their phones

It's a one-month challenge to tackle loneliness and promote more face-to-face interactions, but it uses the same tools that often prevent in-person socializing.

'An impossible choice': Parents plead with TDSB to save French immersion classes at their school

Parents of French immersion students at one Toronto school are trying to persuade the school board to change its mind, after receiving an email telling them to put their children in the English-language program or switch to a different school.

Canadians get busy making pouches, nests, wraps for Australian wildlife hurt by fires

Thousands of Canadians are knitting, crocheting and sewing items for wild animals displaced by massive bush fires in Australia after a rescue organization put out a call for help.

Test your travel knowledge: What are you allowed to pack before getting on that flight?

You have a carton of milk in your carry-on, more than 100 millilitres: will it get tossed during security screening?

TTC, Manulife settle lawsuit in wake of massive TTC employee benefit fraud case

The Toronto Transit Commission and insurance company Manulife announced Wednesday they have settled a 2016 lawsuit related to a widespread benefits fraud.

Area residents frustrated as Moss Park revitalization plan scrapped

A plan to revitalize the Moss Park neighbourhood with a new recreation centre and state-of-the-art sports facilities has been deemed "not feasible," ending more than four years of community consultations.

High Park residents are told they're evicted, that their units are actually in a 'tourist home'

Some tenants in the west end have been told they have to vacate their homes by Oct. 14 because their rooming-house-style building is actually a "tourist home" and therefore not subject to the same rules as apartments.

Public schools in Durham region trying to crack down on vaping by students

Public schools in Durham region are trying to crack down on vaping and officials say a growing number of secondary students are being warned, ticketed and fined for vaping on school property.

Weekend RBC Training Ground finals could be first step to the Olympics for this Whitby teen

Kya Gordon has always dreamed of competing in the Olympics and this weekend could be the next big step towards making it happen, but she still doesn't know what sport she might specialize in.