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Why this Toronto lawyer created software that helps you fill out divorce forms

A Toronto lawyer has created software that helps people save time and money in the divorce process.

'I felt like it was on fire': Woman burned by laser hair removal warning others to do their research

A Toronto woman is warning people who use laser hair removal to do their research after getting burned during a session.

Why Kensington Market could soon get heritage designation

Kensington Market could soon be designated a heritage district after residents began lobbying for it five years ago.

有中国留学生称 一对母女在卑诗和安大略开办的寄宿服务欺骗新留学生

CBC Investigates

Chinese students say mother-daughter homestay hosts bilking newcomers in B.C. and Ontario

A group of students from China and their parents say they're trying to recoup thousands of dollars from a family of homestay providers in Canada who promised a level of service they didn't deliver.

Why a Toronto woman has spent 2 years in a hospital bed waiting for surgery

A woman from Etobicoke has been confined to a complex-care facility for so long waiting for a procedure that she's missed her daughter's wedding and the birth of her grandchild. Her daughter is calling on the province to do more to alleviate wait times for surgeries.

How red tape prevented this Toronto man from getting a health card for a year

Jonathan King says he's lucky he's young and healthy because he's spent almost a year navigating multiple layers of bureaucracy trying to get a health card.

Toronto's Catholic school board should comply with human rights code, education minister says

Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce says he expects the Toronto Catholic District School Board to protect gender expression, identity, marital status, family status from discrimination.

Student union budgets take hit as Ford government allows students to opt out of services

Student unions in Ontario are seeing varying effects of the Student Choice Initiative as they finalize their fall budgets

Former violin teacher abandons Supreme Court appeal of sexual assault conviction

Former violin teacher Claude Trachy has abandoned his Supreme Court of Canada appeal after the top court in Ontario overturned his acquittal and convicted him on sex assault related charges.

Why Ontario smokers still flock to the black market 1 year into pot legalization

A year after Ottawa legalized recreational pot, Ontario trails the other provinces in distributing and selling the product, according to some industry watchers and experts, and that has allowed the black market to thrive.

A mother is urging Toronto's Catholic board to amend its code of conduct to protect her family

Canada's largest Catholic school board is deciding whether to add gender identity and gender expression to its code of conduct to align with a revised provincial code.

Ford government's overhaul of crime victim compensation hurts most vulnerable, advocates say

Advocates for victims of crime say the Ford government's overhaul of the system that compensates their clients doesn't actually help them.

Here are the details of the agreement between CUPE education workers and the province

CUPE education support staff and the province hammered out an 11th hour deal that narrowly avoided a strike in Ontario. Here are the details.

Why tech giants are creating apps for people with disabilities

Tech companies like Google are stepping up efforts to make their products accessible to people living with disabilities.