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Why electric vehicle owners are urging Ford government to fund charging stations

Electric vehicle drivers won't see any charging stations along highways this summer.

The Beer Store recycling program could be casualty as Ford puts beer in corner stores

If the province is successful in putting beer in corner stores, a highly successful recycling program the Beer Store runs could be in jeopardy, experts say

Opioid overdoses, deaths in Peterborough prompt calls for more help from province

Critics of the provincial government are calling for more action to tackle the opioid crisis after two weekend deaths in Peterborough.

Ford government has uphill climb to win over the province, but it's not impossible

Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative government has had a controversial first year in office, but voters may not remember it come election time

Stop smoking program shutters after Ford government pulls funding

The Ford government has pulled funding for the Leave the Pack Behind program, saying the move is part of coordinating and streamlining Ontario's health care system.

Raptors ticket prices have critics blaming Ford government for scrapping resale rule

The PC government should not have scrapped part of the law that capped resale ticket prices, critics say in response to reports of sky-high prices for NBA Finals tickets in Toronto.

Why a non-profit is pressing for 'right to repair' legislation in Canada

Both provincial and federal governments are getting pressed to enact "right to repair" legislation for electronic devices such as smartphones and computers.

Doug Ford government one of the most 'anti-environmental' in generations, says Green Party leader

The Ford government is defending its environmental plan in the face of mounting criticism from the Ontario Green Party and Greenpeace.

Scrapping front licence plates could make it harder to fight crime, police chiefs warn

The association representing the province's police chiefs is worried a possible move to end the requirement for front licence plates on cars could jeopardize public safety.

Here are the changes the Ford government has put in place for April 1

Since taking power almost a year ago, Doug Ford's government has made many changes to provincial programs. Here's a rundown of what's coming into effect on April 1.

Toronto business hoping rental maternity wear will save moms money, help the environment

As many pregnant women know, shopping for maternity wear can be a difficult and expensive task. Now, one Torontonian is trying to change that by letting moms and moms-to-be rent their clothing.

Doug Ford's van skewered as a 'pimped-out ride' and 'Taj Mahal on wheels'

Critics are blasting Premier Doug Ford's office for allegedly telling the OPP to buy a "large camper-type vehicle," have it modified to premier's specifications, and keep it all "off the books."

Sex assault response training rolling out on Ontario campuses is 'critical'

Western University researchers are launching a training for campus faculty, staff across Canada to help them respond to disclosures and reports of sexual violence.

Residents sick of condo neighbours vomiting, tossing bottles, bones, cigarette butts onto balconies

Residents of a historic downtown Toronto building have been unable to get the tall condo next door to stop its residents from tossing garbage off their balconies.

Hop to changing the rules around beer sales, Ontario craft brewers tell Ford government

The trade association representing craft brewers in Ontario has launched a campaign lobbying the province to relax laws covering how they operate.