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Ontario's top court to hear challenge to province's animal cruelty policing powers

Ontario's top court is scheduled to hear an appeal Tuesday in a case dealing with the policing powers of the province's animal welfare agency that has touched off a far-reaching legal debate about private law enforcement in Canada.

Brain activity 'dampened' by vaped THC, similar to those with schizophrenia: study

A new study by Ontario researchers suggests that brain activity in rats exposed to the vapourized psychoactive component of marijuana is similar to those with schizophrenia and cannabis-induced psychosis.

Mixed reactions from Danforth shooting victims on Trudeau's lack of a handgun ban

A woman who barely survived a mass shooting in Toronto's Greektown applauded Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's proposal to ban assault rifles on Friday, but said handguns such as the one that left her paralyzed should also be prohibited.

'I'd do it again,' says B.C. man who jumped naked into Toronto shark tank

A British Columbia man apologized to a judge on Thursday for stripping naked and jumping into a shark tank at a Toronto aquarium last year only to moments later say outside court that he did not regret his actions.

2 Marineland belugas moving to Spain after Ottawa issues permits

Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson approved the permits for the move under exceptions to a new law that bans the import and export of live whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Crown withdraws charges against teen in St. Michael's College School case

Sexual assault charges against a teen from a private school in Toronto have been withdrawn.

A year ago, 8 friends were celebrating a birthday. Then the Danforth shooting happened.

They were eight care-free teenagers out celebrating a birthday when the bullets flew. The rampage that ensued on July 22, 2018, changed their lives.

'It would be terrible if nothing changed,' says father of Danforth shooting victim

When Ken Price read the final police report on the man who shot his daughter during a rampage through Toronto's Greektown, it galvanized his resolve to tackle one of the major issues that emerged through the investigation: access to a handgun.

Ontario woman nearly dies — twice — after snake bite in Thailand

An Ontario woman who was bitten by a snake while on vacation in Thailand almost a second time when she returned home to Waterloo, because the venom was still in her system. Antivenom from the Toronto Zoo saved her life.

Toronto hospital to use AI, data science to better understand mental health

Toronto researcher Sean Hill says harvesting all the available information in the field — whether it's collected by clinicians or trapped inside patients' genes and neurons — will help answer the big questions about mental disorders.

Vancouver aquarium-owned belugas to be shipped from Ontario's Marineland to aquarium in Spain

Marineland and the Vancouver Aquarium are shipping beluga whales out of the country just as the federal government sets its sights on stopping the import and export of cetaceans. A new federal law would ban exports of marine mammals.

Ontario's tanning bed rules largely ineffective, University of Guelph study finds

A University of Guelph study has found Ontario's rules around tanning beds have been ineffective because the public health agencies that enforce the regulations are too strapped for cash to do so.

Accused in Toronto van attack faces mounting lawsuits from victims with traumatic injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, spinal fractures and internal bleeding are among the litany of ailments described in a mounting number of lawsuits against a man accused of killing 10 people and injuring 16 others in a van attack in Toronto last year.

OSPCA turns down request to keep enforcing animal cruelty laws

Ontario's animal welfare watchdog has turned down a government request to continue enforcing cruelty laws until the province passes a new law, saying those responsibilities should rest with police.

Serial killer Dellen Millard appeals conviction and sentence for father's murder

Serial killer Dellen Millard is appealing his first-degree murder conviction and sentence for the death of his father, arguing the outcome of his case was unreasonable.