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Lauren Pelley is a CBC reporter based in Toronto. Currently covering COVID-19, previously covered Toronto city hall and municipal affairs. Contact her at:

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Residents need to mitigate risk to keep COVID-19 from 'roaring back' as Ontario reopens

From road trips to restaurant patios, there are now plenty of options for things to do in Ontario this summer, particularly as the province prepares to enter Stage 3 of its reopening. But experts warn residents need to protect themselves and others while shopping, dining, and travelling — otherwise the virus behind COVID-19 could keep "roaring back."

'Living in limbo': Canadians with long-lasting symptoms call for COVID-19 research, support

Dozens of Canadians with long-lasting symptoms of possible or confirmed COVID-19 are calling for more research and support from top public health officials.

As Toronto's new COVID-19 cases keep dropping, the death toll from opioid overdoses keeps growing

In April, 25 fatal suspected opioid overdose calls were reported by Toronto paramedics, marking the highest suspected death toll since September 2017. In May, another 25 suspected deaths were reported.

Friends of senior who died allege her care home neglected her long before pandemic started

In April, Antonietta Rezzadore died at the age of 92 in hospital amid a COVID-19 outbreak at her home, Weston Terrace Care Community. But loved ones allege the home's staff were neglecting her long before the pandemic started, and it isn't clear what role the novel coronavirus played in her death.

A healthcare worker got COVID-19 and survived — then lost her partner of 40 years to the illness

So far, more than 5,000 healthcare workers across Ontario have contracted COVID-19, making up close to 17 per cent of all cases. Multiple frontline staff have also died. What's less clear is how often infected workers are spreading the virus to their loved ones — leading to unbearable family tragedies.

Dental hygienists worry about COVID-19 safety guidelines as clinics get set to reopen

As many shuttered dental clinics prepare to reopen, a rift is growing over proper protocols to keep patients and staff safe — with one Ontario dental hygienist calling clinics a "ticking time bomb" for creating new COVID-19 cases.

Amid COVID-19, the safest place is often your own home — until the virus finds a way in

While hunkering down can keep you safe, households are also hot beds for COVID-19 transmission once one person gets infected — particularly in a city like Toronto where crowded apartment units and multi-generational housing is a common facet of life in certain neighbourhoods.

Strange symptoms, flare-ups, weeks-long illnesses for some COVID-19 survivors

In most instances, people with COVID-19 recover at home, outside the health-care system. What's growing clear, both patients and clinicians agree, is that some of those people wind up facing a long, rocky road to recovery.

Manufacturing plants, grocery stores, delivery companies all have COVID-19 outbreaks in GTA

Various types of indoor workplaces and factory settings are all hot spots, according to the latest details provided to CBC News by public health units across the Greater Toronto Area.

From hanging out in parks to getting groceries, how can you navigate day-to-day risks of COVID-19?

Living life during a pandemic can be confusing. But experts say you can navigate how to approach different settings and activities once you know the risks.

Ontario needs to speed up contact tracing since 'every minute counts,' physician warns

Ontario needs to speed up its contact tracing efforts to save lives, a top critical-care physician is warning this week. Meanwhile, provincial officials say they're hitting a target of 90 per cent of contacts identified within 24 hours — with more than 500 staff conducting investigations in Toronto alone.

Homeless, pregnant, COVID-positive — and bearing the brunt of a pandemic

Diamond, whose identity CBC News is concealing to protect her safety, wound up testing positive for COVID-19 in April while she was homeless and nine months pregnant. Researchers and advocates alike believe she's just one example of how the pandemic is affecting society's most vulnerable.
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Canada is slowly reopening — and new research reveals where you're most at risk of COVID-19

As provinces across Canada slowly reopen, experts say emerging research offers lessons on how to do that safely — and suggests tight, enclosed spaces may pose the biggest risk.

Nurses, lab workers, physicians among 'alarming' number of health-care workers with COVID-19

Nurses, lab workers, physicians and various other professionals are all among the "alarming" number of health-care workers who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Ontario. And experts warn the risks go beyond patient care.

Could a vaccine wipe out COVID-19 or will protection be short-term? That's the 'million dollar question'

Would a vaccine for the new coronavirus wind up offering long-lasting immunity? Or will the virus prove to be a shape-shifter, mutating quickly enough that people need annual vaccines like those for seasonal strains of influenza? Researchers are probing for answers in the rush to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.