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Laura Fraser is an award-winning journalist who writes about justice, politics and the human experience. On weekends, she can be found in hiking boots, on skis, or guarding home plate for The Hazzards.

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Meet the N.S. man who has owned the same truck for 70 years

Randall Pitman bought this Ford Model T truck at an auction when was 17. At 87, he's still driving it.

Nova Scotians are waiting more than eight years for weight-loss surgery

Most of the patients on Dr. Jim Ellsmere's operating table received their referrals for bariatric surgery nine years ago — and the wait times for weight-loss surgery haven't changed in the intervening years, according to the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

In a deadly season on Everest, Nova Scotia man completes seven summits

Mike Mulrooney successfully summited Mount Everest after climbing the tallest peak on each continent. He did so in a year when at least 11 others have died on the mountain.

These Spryfield students found $100 — and then decided to give it away

When six-year-old Samuel Agbola's tiny hands uncovered a $100 bill in a pile of leaves, he called his friends over and they were faced with a tough decision. But their honesty quickly took over — and generosity soon followed.

He's climbed the tallest mountain on 6 continents. Everest would make it 7

Mike Mulrooney is used to looking down on the rest of the world. The Nova Scotia man has climbed the tallest mountain on six of the seven continents — and now he's part way up Mount Everest.

N.S. man's Stage 4 cancer is in remission after $900K treatment in Boston

It's too early to know if Stephen Saunders has been cured of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but he's in remission thanks to a treatment not yet available in Nova Scotia.

This Nova Scotia heirloom was made from the windshield of German warplane

Nova Scotia soldier Isaac Bezanson took a piece of the windshield from a downed German warplane during the Second World War and made a heart-shaped necklace out of it, a family heirloom treasured to this day.

A beaver tale: Here's what happened after the Mounties found this guy at the mall

It’s hard to picture a more Canadian start to a news story: the Mounties getting called out to help an injured beaver in a parking lot. And yet there's as much of our national spirit — that urge to help — to be found in the news of the beaver's rehabilitation.

The trees started whispering to a retired doctor, so he freed the figures inside

It’s more than a decade now since the aspens first began whispering to Dr. Mervin Shaw. But the result of their murmuring has piqued the curiosity of many a passing photographer, so we sat down with the retired doctor to hear his story — and theirs.

These winter beauty shots will make you forget the cold

Once the excitement accompanying the winter holidays has passed, the remaining months — the coldest ones — can feel like something to endure. So we asked local adventurers, photographers, and some of our CBC Nova Scotia team to brave the cold in search of beauty.

Nova Scotia agrees to cover man's $900K cancer treatment in Boston

Stephen Saunders and his family learned Wednesday that the Nova Scotia government has agreed to pay for CAR-T cell therapy, a treatment that would genetically modify his T-cells so they target and kill his cancer cells.

If you don't believe in Santa, it's because you haven't met Herbert Hoelke

The Dartmouth man has had more than his share of heartache, but it hasn't hardened his heart.

This mystery Santa is offering toys, coffee and the Christmas spirit to strangers

A Dartmouth shopping centre appears to be home to a secret Santa — and the holiday mystery man’s kindness created a ripple effect online and in the lives of a young family.

Nova Scotia rejects $900K request for cancer treatment covered by Ontario

After three lines of chemotherapy and a clinical trial failed to cure Stephen Saunders, his doctors offered him hope: to send him to Boston and modify his T-cells to attack the cancer that's otherwise left him months to live. But the Nova Scotia Health Department denied the request.

Nova Scotian heritage moment? Sidney Crosby meets the Trailer Park Boys

The only thing that could make this moment more Nova Scotian would be for the Bluenose II to sail through the Pittsburgh Penguins’ dressing room.